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Curiouscast Bulks Up Network

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Corus Entertainment’s podcast network Curiouscast welcomed fiction podcast Marsfall to their network, launched the second season in the “Rising” series with China Rising, and started their first original fiction podcast Escaping Denver.

“Telling powerful stories and introducing new voices is why we created the Curiouscast Podcast Network,” said Chris “Dunner” Duncombe, Director of Streaming and Podcasting, Curiouscast, Corus Entertainment. “These three new podcasts build on that goal and push us into brand new lanes in podcasting.”

China Rising debuts on May 13, Season 3 of _Marsfall _premieres on May 24th, and Escaping Denver launches on June 7.

China Rising is an in-depth investigation into modern China. Hosted by Global News Senior Correspondent and Video Journalist Jeff Semple, this ten-episode season investigates how China is quietly applying pressure and working to infiltrate the upper echelons of power in western countries, including Canada. It is also discusses whether China is indeed friendly and peaceful, as President Xi claims; or if Canada and its allies should stand on guard against China Rising.

Marsfall is an ambitious sci-fi show about the difficulties with colonizing Mars in the year 2047, and each episode focuses on the perspective of a different character. Episodes are released bi-weekly.

Escaping Denver imagines that the Denver International Airport (DIA) has miles of tunnels underneath it and the two lead characters Sara and Noah are trapped beneath it. In the trailer, it’s revealed that they are able to get messages to someone in the outside world who is trying to help them.

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