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Crystal Ball Friday With Bruce Wawrzyniak

· Time to read: ~4 min

This is an archived page from 2019. Find out more

Bruce Wawrzyniak has been hosting the weekly “Now Hear This Entertainment” podcast since February 2014 (300-plus episodes to-date). He also recently launched the weekly “Catholic Sports Radio” podcast. And, from August 2017 – February 2019 he was the host of the “TASCAM Talkback” podcast. Here’s what Bruce has to say about podcasting past, podcasting present and podcasting’s future..

PBJ: How would you summarize podcasting in 2019? Bruce Wawrzyniak: It has been like watching a student-athlete who goes home for the summer after their senior year of high school and now comes back for the first year of college – growing faster and bigger, a whole lot more players, and a level of competition that is much more serious.

PBJ: What surprised you the most about 2019? Bruce Wawrzyniak: It’s alarming that claims are still being made about being “the Netflix of podcasting.”   One week it’s used by this company and the next week it’s stated by another. Enough already. Let’s stand on our own two feet and not feel that we have to aspire to be something else.

PBJ: What disappointed you the most? Bruce Wawrzyniak: I had the opportunity to meet one of the founders of Podcoin and not only enjoyed having my shows on there but had become a regular user/listener, so I was disappointed to see them close their doors.

PBJ: Most over-used phrase or term in 2019 was…. Bruce Wawrzyniak: Just one? Seriously. One of the attractions to podcasting should be the opportunity to be original. Yet if I hear one more podcaster talk about “finding (or knowing) your Why” or use the expression “reach out,” I’m going to see if some third party can temporarily repo that person’s recording rig.

PBJ: What three things do you expect to happen in 2020? Bruce Wawrzyniak: (1) More celebrities will start their own podcast, (2) More Fortune 500 companies will start their own podcast, and (3) The Tampa Bay Lightning will win the Stanley Cup. (Hey, it doesn’t say “what will happen in 2020 podcasting-wise!”)

PBJ: There seems to be some anger toward radio getting into the space. Bruce Wawrzyniak: Radio should be getting into podcasting. Regardless of anyone’s background, the numbers bear it out that a large percentage will podfade at some point anyway, so who’s to decide which folks should be getting into podcasting and who shouldn’t? The barrier of entry is low enough that it should be more surprising when a seemingly obvious group doesn’t get into podcasting.

PBJ: Will subscription models survive the long haul? Bruce Wawrzyniak: If the content is good enough, the market should bear it out. Now, “the long haul” needs to be defined, though, because people aren’t paying to subscribe to newspapers and magazines the way they used to 20 years ago.

PBJ: What will advertisers think of podcasts over the next 1-3 years? Bruce Wawrzyniak: They’re all-in and over the next 1-3 years I’d be shocked if they actually start backing off.

PBJ: Name 3 podcasts you would love to see breakout in 2020. Bruce Wawrzyniak: Some readers might be surprised to learn that as fully invested in podcasting as I am, there is only a very small handful of podcasts that I listen to, and even then it’s not with the degree of regularity that I’d like. Furthermore, they’re shows that already have tons (and tons) of listeners, so they don’t need to (hope they’ll) “breakout in 2020.”   As a result, I’m not in a position to name one podcast, not to mention, three that I’d like to see breakout in 2020.   That being said, any shows that I have the opportunity to work on? Of course, I’d love to see that client breakout in 2020!

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