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'Crime Analyst' Joins AdLarge Portfolio

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This is an archived page from 2023. Find out more

AdLarge has added Crime Analyst to its portfolio of shows, the company announced on Wednesday.

Crime Analyst has produced over 100 episodes and has covered true-crime stories of interest, including the criminal trials of celebrities Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein.

“I’m excited to join AdLarge’s podcast portfolio and get Crime Analyst into as many ears as possible,” Laura Richards, the host of Crime Analyst, said in a statement. “Podcasts are such an intimate experience and I love sharing my knowledge and insight about cases and creating real change with my listeners. As well as forensically deconstructing cases and ensuring victims are not just footnotes in their own murders, I share preventative advice that might just save a life.”

“Laura Richards’ extensive career as a criminal behavior analyst places the listener deeper inside the cases than ever before," commented Cathy Csukas, CEO of AdLarge. “Her depth of knowledge and experience makes the Crime Analyst podcast acutely focused, smart and informative. Its exceptional exploration and study of true crime is like nothing else out there, and we’re eager to bring this highly engaging expert and leading female voice to the marketplace.”

Crime Analyst is available on all major podcast and audio platforms.

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