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Countries in Need Get Podcast Spotlight

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On April 12th the Together Far Apart podcast officially launches. The podcast is about the United Nations Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developed Countries and Small Island Developing States. The office supports 91 “vulnerable” states in the United Nations system that need support.

The objective of the Together far Apart podcast is to make listeners aware of how global challenges are impacting people’s lives in these remote Island Nations and to be inspired by their ingenuity and resilience. Local producers take us on a journey to discover how to conserve the oceans, promote sustainable transport, and preserve national identities threatened by globalization. Through the voices of activists, entrepreneurs, scientists, and officials, the listeners immerse themselves in the lived experiences of the islanders. Listeners will gain insights into homegrown solutions-based stories that are not otherwise found or represented in the mainstream media at large, offering them an intimate and unique opportunity to truly ‘listen and learn.’

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