Conan O’Brien Starting a Weekly Call-in Show


Deadline reports that Conan O’Brien is launching a weekly live Zoom call-in show called Conan O’Brien Needs a Fan. His personal assistant Sona Movsesian will join Conan alongside Matt Gourley who produces Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend.

The series premieres on April 15 and will be live every Thursday on the Team Coco podcast network and they say no topic is off-limits.

Team Coco also announced a new podcast from Curb Your Enthusiasm star JB Smoove called May I Elaborate? Daily Wisdom From JB Smoove. The show will launch April 26 along with his friend Miles and a trailer is available here. Each day JB will read an inspirational quote and try to glean more wisdom from it. The example quote from the trailer is “A tree won’t fall with a single blow” to which JB responded, “anything is possible if you got a —- chainsaw.”

Team Coco COO, Adam Sachs says:

“We are so proud of how much the Team Coco Podcast Network has grown over this challenging year and have been heartened by the countless messages we’ve received from fans letting us know that our silliness has helped provide a tiny bit of light during what has been a rather dark period for so many. We hope that adding the Conan O’Brien Needs A Fan companion show and launching our first-ever daily show with JB Smoove will provide a few additional moments of much-needed respite and joy.”



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