Commissioners Question Podcast Cost


We have to admit when we first reported this story even we thought the price the Shelby County Commission in Memphis was paying for a monthly podcast was outrageous.

Earlier this week, Commissioners approved a resolution to pay a company called Kudzukian $109,000 to produce a monthly podcast.

It seems now at least one Commissioner is having buyers remorse. Newschannel 3 reports Commissioner Amber Mills said the decision left her scratching her head. “I completely agree we need to get information out about what is happening at the County Commission. I am just not sure this is the best avenue at this time. My quick research this weekend showed minimal to no views on these shows on YouTube and the same small numbers on other venues these programs are placed.”

Commissioner Mark Billingsley tells the TV station the information he received on the contract “not accurate and misleading.” The TV station is reporting that Billingsley wants the vote to be revisited or it should be vetoed by Mayor Lee Harris.

Read the full Newschannel 3 story HERE.