Commissioner Rosenworcel Interviews Obama Adviser

Victoria Espinel is an expert on the intersection of technology, innovation, and public policy who advised President Obama on intellectual property during his term in office. Espinel (pictured) is the latest guest on FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel’s podcast Broadband Conversations. As well as discussing her work for the White House, Espinel talked about her career as a lawyer, professor, and trade negotiator, as well as her time at the helm of BSA, The Software Alliance.
“Technology is seamlessly being woven into all of our daily lives,” said Rosenworcel. “But how do we integrate technology in a smart and unbiased way? Today’s podcast episode tackles this very question. From the power and reach of software to building artificial intelligence, Victoria Espinel is a leading thinker on how we can use inclusive technology to improve the lives of everyone.”
The episode is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Google Play, and the FCC website.
Broadband Conversations is dedicated to amplifying the voices of women from across the technology, innovation, and media sectors.


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