Cochrane Launches Facebook Support Group


After being kicked out of the Podcasters Support Group, Blubrry CEO Todd Cochrane launched one of his own. He said, “Creating an Open Podcast Support Group that allows people to be expressive, have opinions and not get booted out because of vendettas.” Join HERE



  1. This is very petty of him, especially “booted because of vendettas.” He behaved badly. He was aggressive and intimidating many times. Own up to it and take responsibility, instead of throwing your weight around.

  2. Allegedly. Seeing how he’s handled the situation, and how he has acted in the past, it’s hard to believe this is merely reporting and not feeding into Todd’s agenda.

    That’s assuming he wasn’t the one to post this. Maybe this is completely innocent but with the lack of transparency, there is no way to know.

  3. His picture is right on the front page. It’s not something we’ve ever tried to hide, with anyone on our non-paid editorial board. We promote everything from everybody and wouldn’t exclude him because he’s on the board. Not to mention he’s been around podcasting since it started. He didn’t ask for us to promote the new page. We did it on our own.

  4. You might want to declare the Todd is on the board of Podcast Business Journal. It’s rather disappointing that PBJ is being used in this manner.

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