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Clubhouse Fail

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The Verge is reporting that Clubhouse led creators on about possible sponsorship opportunities and did nothing more than try to save face when they couldn’t deliver on what they promised.

The Verge’s Ashley Carman writes that dozens of Clubhouse creators were anticipating a sponsorship meeting in which they would receive Clubhouse’s help landing sponsorships so they could begin to make money.

Creators were ready to pitch their shows to brands. Carman reports that when the time came, it turned out they weren’t getting one-on-one meetings with the brands, they would be pitching their shows in a Clubhouse public room, alongside dozens of other creators, where anyone on the app could join. Creators had two minutes to make a pitch to the crowd of unknowns.

Clubhouse says dozens of brands were in that crowd, according to The Verge. There were also technical difficulties making it a less-than-pleasant experience for those who were hoping to generate income from their content.

Creator Cyndi Pham tells Carman, “I feel like [making it public] was something they did to save face because they couldn’t get any sponsors to show up.”

Read the full article in The Verge HERE

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