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Ventura - We are so excited and so happy with the content that we already got! We also have a former major league player ready to join us for an interview and a whole slew of other really fun guests lined up. However, we are not happy with our producer at all. So now our next step is to find a producer fast, that has as much passion, enthusiasm and hustle as both me and Nate. We really want to find someone who loves baseball, as much as we do. Also, we would like to find someone who wants to partner with us and not just look for a paycheck. Obviously, a paycheck will come down the road because our show is going to be amazing. But hustle passion enthusiasm will bring rewards down the road for sure. That’s where we stand as we are vigorously looking for someone who sees the potential in our show and wants to take and join us, as we head to the next level. Contact Jerry at [email protected] for more information.

Podcast Consultant

South Florida - Looking for a consultant who can offer guidance on an up-and-coming podcast. Specific areas include: overall presentation, refinement of host's interview skills, guest booking, marketing and analytics. The show tapes in South Florida and ideally the consultant can attend a taping. Contact Dave Aizer at [email protected] for details.

Assistant Producer

Birmingham, AL - We are looking for a podcast assistant producer for a 6-7 month project on a weekly health and wellness podcast. Duties would include reviewing each episode (both audio and video) and preparing edit notes for our editing team; selecting teaser clips to be used on both IG and YouTube to promote the episode; schedule each weekly episode on Simplecast and YouTube; draft show summaries to be submitted to our email team and to Simplecast; work closely with the show host and other producer to insure all elements of each episode – interviews, guest assets and ads – are prepared in time for each episode’s release; be available for the weekly podcast production meeting; work with each member of the team to insure all the elements come together in a timely manner. We will be hiring mid-March to start immediately through at least end of October 2022. Send resumes to: [email protected]

Business Manager/Controller – Part -time/Flex Opportunity

About the Broadcasters Foundation of America The mission of the Broadcasters Foundation of America foundation is to improve the quality of life and maintain the personal dignity of men and women in the radio and television broadcast profession who find themselves in acute need. For more than 70 years, the Foundation has provided financial support to those broadcast industry professionals who have faced life-altering circumstances. We reach out across the country to provide an anonymous safety net in cases of critical illness, advanced age, death of a spouse, accident, natural disaster, or other serious misfortune. The Broadcasters Foundation of America is a 501(c)(3) public charity based in New York City, and it is the only charity devotedly exclusively to helping broadcasters in dire need. The staff consists of four full time employees and one part-time employee. The Board of Directors of the foundation is made up of high-level Broadcast professionals who have achieved tremendous success in radio and television and want to give back to the Broadcast community. Expectations (report to the Co-Presidents) • Commit to 3 days a week, ideally in office, some flexibility open for discussion • Oversee cash flow for grants, general ledger activities, insurance, and payroll functions • Provide monthly income statements, balance sheets, and other financial reports, for monthly Executive Committee and quarterly Board of Directors meetings • Review and approve event contracts throughout the year • Preparation of monthly and annual budgets • Provide appropriate information to external auditors and assist in final preparation of year-end financial statements Qualifications: • Minimum of 4 years of general business accounting • Understanding of SAGE accounting system strongly preferred • Not-for-profit background preferred • Proficiency in payroll processing (ADP) and financial statements • Ability to converse with management M-F, 9a-5p EST (flexibility to be discussed) • Ability to communicate with high profile board members Salary is negotiable. References will be checked, and a background check completed prior to hire. Broadcasters Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Interested in learning more? Contact Tim McCarthy [email protected]

Video Production Intern

Chicago - The video production intern will know how to set up, shoot and edit video for our multiple channels that include: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and more! This person will also have the creative drive and a good sense of humor. They will contribute with the ideas for video content and always thinking, "What can we do next". Contact [email protected] for more details.


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