CEO’s See Upside in Podcasts


Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei and SiriusXM CEO Jim Meyer joined CNBC’s David Faber from Liberty’s investor day in New York yesterday and both were bullish on podcasting. Maffei said despite the rise in audio competition, SiriusXM’s exclusive agreements and podcasts will help the company prosper in the audio space.

Maffei told Faber exclusives are what you want to have. “And there are different forms of that. We have exclusives obviously in things like Howard Stern. We have an exclusive with Marvel, we have an exclusive now with Lebron James called ‘Uninterrupted. Lots of things that are unique just to us. Not only is there upside in listenership and the kinds of content, including podcasts, but they’re under-monetized. I think there’s an opportunity to see increases in how podcasts and other forms of audio content are monetized.”

SiriusXM CEO Jim Meyer is also looking forward to monetizing the podcasts the company is adding to the platform. “There are debates on what the slope of the line is going to be in podcasts, but there is no question where north is. It’s going to grow exponentially, because people have always loved talk content … but younger people consume it differently than people from my generation.”

Watch both Maffei and Meyer HERE on CNBC.


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