Podcast Guest Pitching: Dos and Don’ts 

(By Yann Ilunga) Once you’ve compiled a list of podcasts you think you’d be a good fit for (or had someone do that for you), it’s time to put yourself out there and actually pitch yourself as a podcast guest. Let's look at the things to do and what to avoid to increase the chances of making your pitches successful.

Finding Podcasts To Be Interviewed For

(By Yann Ilunga) You’ve decided what you’d like to achieve through podcast guesting and you have all of the necessary “tools of the trade.” Now, it’s time to start the research and compile the list of shows you’d like to be interviewed for.

Podcast Guesting: The “Tools of the Trade”

(By Yann Ilunga) If you’ve read any of the previous articles from my series here at The Podcast Business Journal, then you know what podcast guesting can do for you. The next step is to make sure you have what you need in your podcast guesting toolkit.

Defining Your Podcast Guesting Goals

(By Yann Ilunga) There are several reasons why podcast guesting should be part of your marketing strategy. Similarly, there are different things you might try to achieve through your podcast guesting endeavors.

Guesting Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

(By Yann Ilunga) The growth of podcasting as a medium translates to opportunities for podcast hosts, podcasting-related businesses and services, and for companies interested in advertising on podcasts.