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Troy Price is the co-founder of Front Porch Studios in Berea, Kentucky. He has been involved with podcasting for over a decade. Do you listen or produce a show that you think should be on the list? Comment below or email [email protected] to be included!

Learn From Alexander

(By Troy Price) You can choose the perfect topic for your podcast. You can buy the perfect equipment. You can follow the perfect launch strategy. Yet this will happen...

A Unique Way To Make Money Podcasting

(By Troy Price) My mother had a phrase she used when she heard something so much that she was sick of it. She would say, “I’ve heard that forty-eleven times.” So let me say this: I have heard, "How can I make money podcasting?" forty-eleven times!

Nonprofit And Church Podcasting

(By Troy Price) Podcast directories are full of nonprofit and church podcasts. I wanted to look into why nonprofits and churches thought podcasting was right for them, so I reached out to two online and real-world friends to explain why they stand behind nonprofit and church podcasting.

Can You Really Make A Decent Living Podcasting?

Part-time podcasters are at the pinnacle of the podcasting world. It may seem ironic that something part-time is more valuable that something full-time. Let me explain...

Treat Your “First Followers” Like Royalty

(By Troy Price) My wife showed me a video recently of a group of dancing partygoers. The point of the video is that the most important event of the progression of the dancing is not the first dancer (the “Leader”) dancing, the most important part of getting everyone to dance was the second guy who danced, the “First Follower.”

Public Domain Is Your Friend!

(Troy Price) You may remember this from the news coverage back in January. The catalog of classic works entering the public domain was so large that it made mainstream news. I have a plan on how to use some of what's been released.

How To Increase Your Patreon Revenue

(By Troy Price) There are ways to embrace your patrons and solicit contributions that have a pretty good strike rate. And this is something you don't want to go about the wrong way. So let's take a look at some ideas on how to be methodical and effective in raising funds for your podcast...

Is Podcasting “Mainstream”?

(By Troy Price) Over recent months, we have heard many, many reports that podcasting has moved into the mainstream. They may reference that a specific business purchase is proof of this. But what is really the litmus test for "mainstream"?

Wanna Own Your Own Radio Station?

(By Troy Price) If you are reading this you are aware of the revolution podcasting presented in recent years. The way podcasting allows anyone to give voice to their passion via the internet is revolutionary.

Where We Should Really Be Focused

(By Troy Price) They might as well change the name of this month to Spotifebruary. If I read the words Spotify, Gimlet or Anchor one more time I am going to hurl.