Do You Need A Producer Or An Engineer?

(By Tim O’Brien) The question is more rhetorical than anything because, if you’re like most podcasters, your titles include host, producer, engineer, and IT tech.

The Power Of Podcasting For Internal Audiences

(By Tim O’Brien) In recent months, I’ve had a few conversations with communications professionals who have been exploring the use of podcasts for internal use targeting employees and others inside their organization. Here's the lowdown.

10 Ways To Become A Better Storyteller

(By Tim O’Brien) Even if your podcast is not considered a storytelling podcast, regardless of your genre, most podcast listeners tune in to hear stories. Whether you do a true-crime podcast, a self-help podcast, or a comedy show, listeners love a good story.

Does Your Podcast Have Vertical Or Horizontal Appeal?

(By Tim O'Brien) In my business, we analyze the media in many ways, but two of the most basic are to see media outlets as either vertical or horizontal. What that means and why it's important, are things you need to know. Read on.

20 Lessons After 50 Episodes

(By Tim O’Brien) Today marks the 50th episode we produced at the Shaping Opinion podcast, which provides an opportunity to think about my 20 lessons from the first 50...

If You Can’t Find It, Create It

(Tim O'Brien) As we develop our podcast concepts into episodes and then as our podcasts evolve, we also need to be mindful of the balance between creating something for ourselves and creating for others.

How To Find Great Guests

(By Tim O’Brien) In our first year of podcasting, we’ve interviewed authors, doctors, sports agents, marketing pioneers, veteran communications professionals, the creator of the emoticon and even a Nobel Prize winner.

Podcasters’ New Year’s Resolutions

(By Tim O’Brien) Looking ahead to 2019, those New Year’s resolutions are right around the corner. With that in mind, we thought we’d find out some New Year’s resolutions from podcasters.

Indies: Do You Have A Clear Goal In Mind?

(By Tim O'Brien) For just about every podcaster, when you click on the submit button to send your podcast to the world, chances are your goal is to get the most numbers of downloads and listens as possible. Right?