Podcasting As A Relocation Tool

(By Thom Singer) Phoebe Mroczek is using podcasting as the main tool to help her get settled in her new city of Austin, Texas. What's more, the move has in turn given rise to a new podcast that is set to be a big success for Mroczek.

Build Your Own Podcast Tribe

(By Thom Singer) If you seek to learn more about podcast best practices, get around other podcasters. While there are many great online communities and large conferences, having local podcast friends will be a fast way to grow your own body of knowledge.

Go Deep To Grow Your Podcast

(By Thom Singer) Dov Baron knows leadership. He has been named one of the top 100 leadership speakers by Inc.com and his podcast, Leadership & Loyalty Tips for Executives, was acclaimed number one podcast to make you a better leader. 

Find Ways To Grow Your Podcast!

(By Thom Singer) A podcast audience determines the impact of your show. But too many people assume this will just happen and then they will monetize.

Make Your Message The Mission

(By Thom Singer) If you want to grow your podcast's audience, you have to stand out from the crowd. Too many podcasters copy the format of a popular show. Bad idea.

Podcasters On Purpose

(By Thom Singer) Growing a podcast does not happen by accident. You have to be intentional about the guests you invite on your show and how you utilize social media to promote each episode.