How To Maximize Your Conference Experience

(By Scott Carson) It’s podcast and marketing convention season and with these events growing every year and attendance increasing, it's important to have a plan when you go.

3 Ways To Find Sponsors Within One Degree Of Separation

(By Scott Carson) Sponsors are not just going to knock on your door with their credit cards out to pay you thousands of dollars each month for you to read 30 to 45 seconds of copy once a week or episode. But there are avenues you can pursue.

3 Ways To Gain Traction In Your Podcast Lane

(By Scott Carson) I recently sat down with seasoned podcaster, Phoebe Mroczek, host of the Unbecoming podcast and we discussed the different trends in podcasting that we’ve seen over the past couple of years.

Three Ways to Boost Your Podcast Value

(By Scott Carson) This past weekend I spent three days with twenty podcasters doing an amazing job promoting and monetizing their podcasts. I stole their secrets so I could share them with you.

30 Quotes From 30 Podcasters.

(By Scott Carson) This week I hosted thirty podcasters for eight hours of podcast pitching during our Mass Media Podcast Summit. Each podcaster shared their show’s focus and inspiration for starting.

Three Reasons to Add Video To Your Podcast

(By Scott Carson) Here are the three primary reasons that you MUST (yes, it is a must now) add video to your podcast marketing strategy in 2020.

3 Ways To Save Time So You Can Grow Your Audience

(By Scott Carson) I was lucky enough to have several podcasters share three important tools that have saved me thousands of hours and helped me exponentially grow my audience across numerous platforms. And now I'd like to share them with you.

Three Easy Ways To Boost Your Bookings

(By Scott Carson) One of the most effective methods I’ve used to grow my audience and numbers is to focus on adding guest appearances on other relevant shows to our weekly marketing calendar.

Three Ways To Monetize With Memberships

(By Scott Carson) We all know the top two questions that podcasters ask. “How do I grow my audience” is always number one with “How do I monetize my podcast” coming in a close second.

Three Ways To Keep Your Content Fresh in 2020

(By Scott Carson) It's the time of the year when everyone starts looking at their numbers and planning for the new year hoping to make it better than the last.
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