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Robin Kinnie is an experienced podcast producer, entrepreneur and #womanowned advocate. Driven by community, she takes pride in creating access to underrepresented groups within the podcast industry. As the President of Motor City Woman and Audio Engineers of Detroit, her goal is to amplify the voices of women. Robin also serves as the head of Soundgirls.org, Detroit Chapter. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @RobinKinnie.

What Podcasters Can Learn From Beyoncé

(By Robin Kinnie) In posting a documentary about her appearance at Coachella last year, Beyoncé gave a priceless gift to podcasters everywhere – lessons that we can all use.

5 Ways To Make Your Show Great

(By Robin Kinnie) As a Podcast Producer I listen to a ton of podcasts. Some are fantastic, some are good and the rest are just plain ‘meh. What is it that separate great podcasts from the others? Here are my top 5 tips that all of the best podcasts do on a regular basis.

The Oprah Of Foreign Policy

(By Robin Kinnie) Former Obama appointee Bunmi Akinnusotu knew she could do a better job of educating the public on foreign policy than the so-called experts. Instead of sitting on the sidelines and shouting at the TV or radio, Bunmi decided it was her turn to take a stand.