Most Hosts Shouldn’t Go Solo

(By Richard Davies) In our narcissistic social-media age, when everyone is entitled to voice their own opinions — no matter how ill-informed or daft — it’s refreshing to hear from smart, thoughtful, guests of different backgrounds and viewpoints.

Why Podcasts Are So Much Better Than Debates

Despite the political theater of the Presidential debates, don’t expect to learn much about the men and women who want to be President. For deeper insights, podcasts may be a much better way to learn what you need to know.

Grow Your Show By Being Positive

(By Richard Davies) As podcasters, our measurement of success goes much deeper than the number of followers, retweets, or “likes” that we have. With each episode, we are trying to connect in a thoughtful, authentic way with people who may not have heard us before.

Spotify Unsure About Podcast Profits

(By Richard Davies) The Wall Street Journal asked Spotify CFO Barry McCarthy, “Why is podcasting an important medium for the company to expand into?” McCarthy answered: “It remains to be seen whether or not it becomes an important medium.”

Welcome To Podcasting’s 2nd Wave!

(By Richard Davies) While most media content producers no longer need convincing that they should be doing podcasts, they’re also starting to realize that this medium is unique and that they don’t know how to make them.

Take A Vacation. It Will Improve Your Podcast!

(By Richard Davies) Here’s my answer to the great burnout debate, which erupted this week in The Podcast Business Journal. If you’re feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, take a break.

Podcasting Gets a Boost at RAIN Business Summit

(By Richard Davies) The podcasting industry is about to get another burst of mainstream media coverage, with the release of the 2019 Edison Research “Infinite Dial” listening survey later today (2 p.m. Eastern).

What Great Leaders Do

(By Richard Davies) Daniel Ek paid podcasting a massive compliment with his money and his mouth. Not only did Spotify agree to pay the princely sum of $340 million for Gimlet and Anchor, Ek admitted recently that he’d changed his mind about talk radio and podcasts.

How You Can Do A Great Podcast Interview

(By Richard Davies) I come to each podcast recording prepared, but ready to pivot; always aware that no matter how much research has been done, or how many questions are written on a briefing sheet, the conversation could fly off in a completely unexpected, wonderful new direction.

Shows With Best-Selling Authors

(By Richard Davies) I’m listening to Michelle Obama read her audio book to me on my Audible app. I’m on my own with my headphones and so is she. But I wish that Becoming was also a podcast, because the curtain would have been lifted a lot higher on a life that many of us want to know a lot more about.