Friday, January 18, 2019

How You Can Do A Great Podcast Interview

(By Richard Davies) I come to each podcast recording prepared, but ready to pivot; always aware that no matter how much research has been done, or how many questions are written on a briefing sheet, the conversation could fly off in a completely unexpected, wonderful new direction.

Shows With Best-Selling Authors

(By Richard Davies) I’m listening to Michelle Obama read her audio book to me on my Audible app. I’m on my own with my headphones and so is she. But I wish that Becoming was also a podcast, because the curtain would have been lifted a lot higher on a life that many of us want to know a lot more about.

Why Some News Podcasts Will Fail

(Richard Davies) In an increasingly crowded field of Monday-to-Friday podcasts, The Daily from The New York Times continues to be the most popular show, with about 1.75 million downloads per episode. To compete in podcasting's news genre, you've got to have soul.