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Carey Green is the Client Happiness Guy and founder at www.PodcastFastTrack.com

Niche Domination Formula — Step 3

(By Carey Green) I hope you're putting these steps describe in my posts into action…I know you're busy. I know you have other commitments. If that's the case, file this away and get back to it. But this stuff is important for the longevity and audience-building of your show.

Niche Domination Formula — Step 1: Awareness

(By Carey Green) If your podcast is going to be top in its niche, people have to know about it. Obvious, but true. And you don't accomplish it by posting 10 Facebook posts per day saying, "Listen to my podcast! Listen to my podcast! Listen to my podcast!”

The Podcast Niche Domination Formula

(By Carey Green) In order for your podcast to be considered a success, you have GOT to figure out how to get the specific people (your target market) to notice, listen to, and become ongoing fans of your show. Here's a formula that can help you make that happen.

Is Your Message Worthy Of Podcasting?

(By Carey Green) We see politicians, dictators, scammers, and quacks touting things that are dangerous and/or foolish quite often. Right? Then, why should we assume that when it comes to producing a podcast, those types of individuals don't exist?

Stop Reading About The Spoti-Gimli-Anch Deal

(By Carey Green) I've been chuckling to myself a lot lately. All the articles about Spotify's purchase of Gimlet and Anchor strike me as funny -- in the same way I find those carnival fortune-telling games funny.

Consistency Vs. Reality — Do You Need To Be Weekly?

(Carey Green) I'd rather publish great content when I can rather than push out drivel and noise every week. It’s not easy to know how to do that in a balanced way, especially with all of life's pressures and choices. Let's think this through.

What Is Your Podcasting Super Power?

(By Carey Green) You not only have to compete with the podcasts in your niche or industry, you also have to compete with the latest-greatest serialized drama and the funniest new comedy show. Here's how you can stand out in the crowd.