Take A Vacation. It Will Improve Your Podcast!

(By Richard Davies) Here’s my answer to the great burnout debate, which erupted this week in The Podcast Business Journal. If you’re feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, take a break.

The Podcast Niche Domination Formula

(By Carey Green) In order for your podcast to be considered a success, you have GOT to figure out how to get the specific people (your target market) to notice, listen to, and become ongoing fans of your show. Here's a formula that can help you make that happen.

The Oprah Of Foreign Policy

(By Robin Kinnie) Former Obama appointee Bunmi Akinnusotu knew she could do a better job of educating the public on foreign policy than the so-called experts. Instead of sitting on the sidelines and shouting at the TV or radio, Bunmi decided it was her turn to take a stand.

8 Ways To Leverage Your Podcast Guest Interviews

(By Yann Ilunga) Every podcast interview you do as a guest can be leveraged beyond the scope of the show itself. The question becomes: what can you do to make that happen and get more traction from your podcast guest interviews?

Treat Your “First Followers” Like Royalty

(By Troy Price) My wife showed me a video recently of a group of dancing partygoers. The point of the video is that the most important event of the progression of the dancing is not the first dancer (the “Leader”) dancing, the most important part of getting everyone to dance was the second guy who danced, the “First Follower.”

Turning Podcast Listeners Into Leads & Customers

(By Yann Ilunga) Being a guest on other people’s podcasts can be a powerful asset for the marketing strategy you use in your business. But you can't just "wing it" and hope everything will work out. You need to be prepared and create the right focus. Here are some tips.

What Makes A Great Podcast Guest Interview?

(By Yann Ilunga) What should you think about and do to be an excellent podcast guest? And what pitfalls should you avoid? In this blog post, I'll take a close look at six different pieces that make up the podcast-listening puzzle.

What Did You Call Me?

(By Shawn Yesner) “Opinions are like noses, everyone has one!” But what happens when a podcaster crosses the line? At what point does the podcaster’s content become defamatory?

Is Your Message Worthy Of Podcasting?

(By Carey Green) We see politicians, dictators, scammers, and quacks touting things that are dangerous and/or foolish quite often. Right? Then, why should we assume that when it comes to producing a podcast, those types of individuals don't exist?

How To Prepare For A Podcast Guest Interview

(By Yann Ilunga) You’ve found podcasts to be featured on, you pitched yourself and the host said yes. Now what? In this article, I’m going to break down the podcast guest interview preparation process for you, step-by-step.