Sunday, February 24, 2019

What Great Leaders Do

(By Richard Davies) Daniel Ek paid podcasting a massive compliment with his money and his mouth. Not only did Spotify agree to pay the princely sum of $340 million for Gimlet and Anchor, Ek admitted recently that he’d changed his mind about talk radio and podcasts.

Defining Your Podcast Guesting Goals

(By Yann Ilunga) There are several reasons why podcast guesting should be part of your marketing strategy. Similarly, there are different things you might try to achieve through your podcast guesting endeavors.

Working IN Podcasting Doesn’t Make You A Podcaster

(By Jessica Kupferman) As a communications major in college, I learned a lot about language that I never thought I’d ever think about. I've noticed lately that we in podcasting have a language problem.

Stop Reading About The Spoti-Gimli-Anch Deal

(By Carey Green) I've been chuckling to myself a lot lately. All the articles about Spotify's purchase of Gimlet and Anchor strike me as funny -- in the same way I find those carnival fortune-telling games funny.

Guesting Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

(By Yann Ilunga) The growth of podcasting as a medium translates to opportunities for podcast hosts, podcasting-related businesses and services, and for companies interested in advertising on podcasts.

Podcasting As A Relocation Tool

(By Thom Singer) Phoebe Mroczek is using podcasting as the main tool to help her get settled in her new city of Austin, Texas. What's more, the move has in turn given rise to a new podcast that is set to be a big success for Mroczek.

Where We Should Really Be Focused

(By Troy Price) They might as well change the name of this month to Spotifebruary. If I read the words Spotify, Gimlet or Anchor one more time I am going to hurl.

Build Your Own Podcast Tribe

(By Thom Singer) If you seek to learn more about podcast best practices, get around other podcasters. While there are many great online communities and large conferences, having local podcast friends will be a fast way to grow your own body of knowledge.

Grab These Household Items For Better Recording

(By Troy Price) Believe it or not, I was not always the podcasting powerhouse you see before you today. I started recording with a plastic stick microphone that came free with a Packard-Bell computer.

20 Lessons After 50 Episodes

(By Tim O’Brien) Today marks the 50th episode we produced at the Shaping Opinion podcast, which provides an opportunity to think about my 20 lessons from the first 50...