Learn From Alexander

(By Troy Price) You can choose the perfect topic for your podcast. You can buy the perfect equipment. You can follow the perfect launch strategy. Yet this will happen...

Podcast Pioneer Profile: Amina Daniels

(By Robin Kinnie) This month's profile features Amina Daniels, who was part of the medium before it became what it is today. Before branded podcasts, before the constant race to be the “Netflix of Podcasts,” there were the early adopters of podcasting.

Grow Your Show By Being Positive

(By Richard Davies) As podcasters, our measurement of success goes much deeper than the number of followers, retweets, or “likes” that we have. With each episode, we are trying to connect in a thoughtful, authentic way with people who may not have heard us before.

A Unique Way To Make Money Podcasting

(By Troy Price) My mother had a phrase she used when she heard something so much that she was sick of it. She would say, “I’ve heard that forty-eleven times.” So let me say this: I have heard, "How can I make money podcasting?" forty-eleven times!

Niche Domination Formula — Step 3

(By Carey Green) I hope you're putting these steps describe in my posts into action…I know you're busy. I know you have other commitments. If that's the case, file this away and get back to it. But this stuff is important for the longevity and audience-building of your show.

Do You Need A Producer Or An Engineer?

(By Tim O’Brien) The question is more rhetorical than anything because, if you’re like most podcasters, your titles include host, producer, engineer, and IT tech.

Nonprofit And Church Podcasting

(By Troy Price) Podcast directories are full of nonprofit and church podcasts. I wanted to look into why nonprofits and churches thought podcasting was right for them, so I reached out to two online and real-world friends to explain why they stand behind nonprofit and church podcasting.

Can You Really Make A Decent Living Podcasting?

Part-time podcasters are at the pinnacle of the podcasting world. It may seem ironic that something part-time is more valuable that something full-time. Let me explain...

Spotify Unsure About Podcast Profits

(By Richard Davies) The Wall Street Journal asked Spotify CFO Barry McCarthy, “Why is podcasting an important medium for the company to expand into?” McCarthy answered: “It remains to be seen whether or not it becomes an important medium.”

Niche Domination Formula — Step 1: Awareness

(By Carey Green) If your podcast is going to be top in its niche, people have to know about it. Obvious, but true. And you don't accomplish it by posting 10 Facebook posts per day saying, "Listen to my podcast! Listen to my podcast! Listen to my podcast!”