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Sworn Statement

In the PBJ Spotlight is "Sworn Statement," a podcast hosted by the Collier County Florida Sheriff's Department. And this is the first podcast we've heard of where law enforcement uses a podcast to help solve an active case.

He Launched A Daily Podcast. It Wasn’t That Easy.

Gavin Gaddis has a fascination with the success of daily podcasts. He says it requires concentration and commitment that grows exponentially the smaller one’s production team gets. So, he tried to produce one. His topic: getting excited about Halloween. Here's what happened.

PBJ Spotlight: Stuff To Blow Your Mind

Robert Lamb and Joe McCormick host Stuff To Blow Your Mind. To date, the show has over 900 episodes and more than 100 million downloads. Yeah, that's pretty good.

Bruce Wawrzyniak

Bruce Wawrzyniak has been podcasting since 2014. Now he has three podcasts, yes three. They are: Now Hear This Entertainment, Catholic Sports Radio, and TASCAM Talkback. And, he owns an entertainment business. If you want to learn everything there is to know about podcasting, listen to the latest "PBJ Spotlight" with Bruce Wawrzniak HERE.

He’s Only 25 And He’s An Experienced Podcaster

Say hello to Ethan Smith. He's 25 years old and has an incredible passion for podcasting. Ethan hosts a podcast called "Life, Experienced," which focuses on interviewing interesting people.

He Launched Because of a Family Tragedy

In our quest to discover why you are all launching podcasts, Steve Heisler tells PBJ he launched his podcast after a family tragedy when he was in law school back in 1986. His grandfather went in for routine back surgery and never left the hospital.

PROFILE: Sensible People

Taylor Wagener, Raw Dog Ryan Church and Mandi B started their podcast for several reasons. They were told they had great comedic chemistry and a crazy sense of humor when they got together. Podcasting enables them to put it all there and entertain the masses. In the PBJ spotlight today, Sensible People.

Lauren Shippen

We are very excited to bring you our interview with Lauren Shippen. What a great success story she is for the podcasting industry! Shippen is the host of the award-winning podcast The Bright Sessions, she's keynoting Podcast Movement in August, and she recently signed a deal with Luminary for her new show The AM Archives.

Megan Danger

Megan is the co-host of the podcast Oh No! Lit Class, a comedy literature podcast that's a fun, foul-mouthed Sparknotes for your ears!

She Launched Because She Loves Food

Ashley Chaney's Dear Food podcast will be about food. She loves food and believes a lot of other people love food as well. "It’s the great unifier between different cultures and customs, and it’s my hunch, that just about everyone likes to talk about food."