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I Launched To Give Others A Voice

In today's Why I Launched A Podcast interview we hear from Chicago native Sydney Oberholtzer who's always had a passion for music, connections and experiences. Before launching her podcast The Set Up Sydney worked for Rolling Stone Magazine as the Brand Partnerships Manager.

From Bloomberg News To Her Closet Podcast Studio

In 2007, Carole Zimmer began a new chapter of her life after leaving Bloomberg News, where she’d worked as an award-winning reporter and producer for 15 years. It was one of those transitional moments in which she asked herself, “Now what?”

PROFILE: Sensible People

Taylor Wagener, Raw Dog Ryan Church and Mandi B started their podcast for several reasons. They were told they had great comedic chemistry and a crazy sense of humor when they got together. Podcasting enables them to put it all there and entertain the masses. In the PBJ spotlight today, Sensible People.

Megan Danger

Megan is the co-host of the podcast Oh No! Lit Class, a comedy literature podcast that's a fun, foul-mouthed Sparknotes for your ears!