He Could Be The Youngest Podcaster On The Planet

Here's someone we're going to be talking about for a long time. Jared is the host of the Fire Rescue Show. He's 12 years old.

PBJ Spotlight: A Show For The Plus Size Industry

Chenese Lewis found her niche and grabbed it by the horns. The Chenese Lewis Show is the #1 podcast for plus size women. Established in 2008, the podcast features interviews with industry experts, including plus size influencers and national brands.

A Woman Killed A Man. She Tells Her Story On A Podcast

What makes our job at PBJ so exciting is not only being able to meet the next generation of audio stars, those that are extremely passionate about their ideas, it's being able to interview many that successfully execute those ideas. Scott Johnson is a great example of what we mean.

T-Kea Blackman – Fireflies Unite

T-Kea Blackman is a mental health advocate and communications professional. She's the founder of Fireflies Unite, a mental health media and communications start-up company.

Erica Mandy’s “theNewsWorthy”

Erica Mandy loves the news. Mandy spent ten years as a broadcast journalist sharpening her skills like every other young broadcaster, starting in a small market paying her dues. She eventually worked her way up to Los Angeles, the second largest market in the country. Then, she quit.

Noah Tetzner

Noah Tetzner tells PBJ he's a lifelong podcast listener. He's 17 years old. Noah is also the host of The History Of Vikings podcast which he launched in April of 2018 and now gets about 50,000 downloads every week.

Beware: Here Comes The Zodiac Killer

iHeartMedia tells PBJ that season two of true crime podcast Atlanta Monster has launched "Monster: The Zodiac Killer."

PROFILE: Sensible People

Taylor Wagener, Raw Dog Ryan Church and Mandi B started their podcast for several reasons. They were told they had great comedic chemistry and a crazy sense of humor when they got together. Podcasting enables them to put it all there and entertain the masses. In the PBJ spotlight today, Sensible People.

PBJ Spotlight: Stuff To Blow Your Mind

Robert Lamb and Joe McCormick host Stuff To Blow Your Mind. To date, the show has over 900 episodes and more than 100 million downloads. Yeah, that's pretty good.

PBJ Spotlight: Olympic Fever

Jill Jaracz and Allison Brown love the Olympics so much they started a fan-based podcast about the Games.