PBJ Spotlight: “Life After PTSD”

Life After PTSD is a weekly podcast telling the stories of clinicians using the most effective trauma treatments available and clients getting the opportunity to decide a new normal, free of trauma.

NEW: Gangster Capitalism

Cadence 13's C13Originals has launched Gangster Capitalism, the inaugural docuseries from Cadence13’s new venture. Gangster Capitalism, from Zak Levitt, takes a look at white-collar corruption in America.

Power Of The Purse

Lynn Evans is a great example of someone who found a niche, launched a show consistently in that niche, and is succeeding. With 72 episodes under her belt, Lynn has created a "tribe of rabid fans," with her focus on reducing the financial illiteracy of Baby Boomer women.

Lauren Shippen

We are very excited to bring you our interview with Lauren Shippen. What a great success story she is for the podcasting industry! Shippen is the host of the award-winning podcast The Bright Sessions, she's keynoting Podcast Movement in August, and she recently signed a deal with Luminary for her new show The AM Archives.

Bruce Wawrzyniak

Bruce Wawrzyniak has been podcasting since 2014. Now he has three podcasts, yes three. They are: Now Hear This Entertainment, Catholic Sports Radio, and TASCAM Talkback. And, he owns an entertainment business. If you want to learn everything there is to know about podcasting, listen to the latest "PBJ Spotlight" with Bruce Wawrzniak HERE.

Sworn Statement

In the PBJ Spotlight is "Sworn Statement," a podcast hosted by the Collier County Florida Sheriff's Department. And this is the first podcast we've heard of where law enforcement uses a podcast to help solve an active case.

7 Minute Stories

Aaron Calafato's weekly podcast is 7 minutes long. He tells stories about his life with a goal of creating an intimate connection and relationship with his audience. It's working. We found out how.

He Could Be The Youngest Podcaster On The Planet

Here's someone we're going to be talking about for a long time. Jared is the host of the Fire Rescue Show. He's 12 years old.

PBJ Spotlight: A Show For The Plus Size Industry

Chenese Lewis found her niche and grabbed it by the horns. The Chenese Lewis Show is the #1 podcast for plus size women. Established in 2008, the podcast features interviews with industry experts, including plus size influencers and national brands.

A Woman Killed A Man. She Tells Her Story On A Podcast

What makes our job at PBJ so exciting is not only being able to meet the next generation of audio stars, those that are extremely passionate about their ideas, it's being able to interview many that successfully execute those ideas. Scott Johnson is a great example of what we mean.