Friday, January 18, 2019

Beware: Here Comes The Zodiac Killer

iHeartMedia tells PBJ that season two of true crime podcast Atlanta Monster has launched "Monster: The Zodiac Killer."

PROFILE: Sensible People

Taylor Wagener, Raw Dog Ryan Church and Mandi B started their podcast for several reasons. They were told they had great comedic chemistry and a crazy sense of humor when they got together. Podcasting enables them to put it all there and entertain the masses. In the PBJ spotlight today, Sensible People.

PBJ Spotlight: Stuff To Blow Your Mind

Robert Lamb and Joe McCormick host Stuff To Blow Your Mind. To date, the show has over 900 episodes and more than 100 million downloads. Yeah, that's pretty good.

PBJ Spotlight: Olympic Fever

Jill Jaracz and Allison Brown love the Olympics so much they started a fan-based podcast about the Games.

Chronicles Abroad

The Chronicles Abroad podcast is about the journey, the process, and the experience of travel. It's hosted by Nubia Younge and Frantzces Lys.

FBI Retired Case File Review

Jerri Williams is a retired special agent who served 26 years with the FBI. She's been podcasting since 2016. Her podcast began as a marketing tool to introduce her to potential readers of her crime fiction.

Dave Cawley, Host Of “Cold.”

We interviewed Dave Cawley, host of Cold, where we go in-depth with Dave on how difficult it is to produce a true-crime podcast. Listen to our interview HERE.

The Black (Un)Conscious

Raquel Martin is a Ph.D. candidate in Medical and Clinical Psychology. Justin Hopkins, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist. Together they host The Black (Un)conscious podcast.


No this is not a fitness podcast. Alison Kuhlow is the host of Stretch, a podcast launched in September that focuses on the journey people have taken that has lead to their lives changing in a positive way. Here's our interview with Alison.


We just had to profile Tichina Smith & Nicole Tessier when they reached out to us to tell us they hosted a "bad-ass podcast." That's the kind of confidence in podcasting we love.