He Launched Because Life Threw Him A Curveball

Dan Goldberg lost both his parents to rare cancers by age 25. He now interviews people who've struggled in building their dream life and discuss how those struggles have led to their greatness.

They Launched To Make You Comfortable in Your Own Skin

In our latest edition of 'Why Did You Launch' we interview Brad Pritchett and Ryan Brockington who've been best friends for 25 years. Today they launched a new podcast called BFFU.

They Launched Because of Their Love For Sci-Fi

The H2O Podcast is now in its seventh season with over 230 episodes. Hosts Jason Hunt and Tim Harvey have been around since 2009 and the show covers a wide variety of topics within the science fiction, fantasy, and horror space. So why did they launch?

She Launched To Help Others Build Wealth

Helaina Jeannot launched her podcast Middle Class To Wealthy to bring awareness to a movement she started to help lower income people and the middle class strategically build wealth. 

She Launched Because She Loves Food

Ashley Chaney's Dear Food podcast will be about food. She loves food and believes a lot of other people love food as well. "It’s the great unifier between different cultures and customs, and it’s my hunch, that just about everyone likes to talk about food."

He Launched Because of a Family Tragedy

In our quest to discover why you are all launching podcasts, Steve Heisler tells PBJ he launched his podcast after a family tragedy when he was in law school back in 1986. His grandfather went in for routine back surgery and never left the hospital.

He Launched A Daily Podcast. It Wasn’t That Easy.

Gavin Gaddis has a fascination with the success of daily podcasts. He says it requires concentration and commitment that grows exponentially the smaller one’s production team gets. So, he tried to produce one. His topic: getting excited about Halloween. Here's what happened.

He Launched Because He Had Bariatric Surgery

In our latest installment of Why I Launched A Podcast, Mike Alley tells PBJ after he had Bariatric surgery, and started sampling all the Bariatric podcasts out there, he determined they were dry, dull and full of the same information. And, most of them were for females.

I Launched To Give Others A Voice

In today's Why I Launched A Podcast interview we hear from Chicago native Sydney Oberholtzer who's always had a passion for music, connections and experiences. Before launching her podcast The Set Up Sydney worked for Rolling Stone Magazine as the Brand Partnerships Manager.

From Bloomberg News To Her Closet Podcast Studio

In 2007, Carole Zimmer began a new chapter of her life after leaving Bloomberg News, where she’d worked as an award-winning reporter and producer for 15 years. It was one of those transitional moments in which she asked herself, “Now what?”
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