Audacy to Document Grunge Rock History

Audacy and Osiris Media announced a joint venture to create music podcasts starting with Breaking Waves: Seattle, an oral history of the emergence and growth of grunge and alternative music in the city in the 80s and 90s.

LA Times Previews The Ambies

The Los Angeles Times previews this weekend's live-streaming podcast award show The Ambies from The Podcast Academy while acknowledging the problems with viewership in awards shows in general. Is it finally time for podcasts to shine?

Ad Sales in the Packaged Goods Industry on the Rise

Brand Marketer Catalina is now working with iHeartMedia to measure the sales impact of podcast advertising by packaged-goods brands allowing them to measure who purchases packaged goods from hearing an ad over a podcast, and who doesn't.

The Ambies Was a Good Show

(By Joshua Dudley) The first-ever live broadcast Ambies, the awards for excellence in audio from The Podcast Academy, premiered last night and except for an occasional audio hiccups from streaming on YouTube and Twitch, it went off without a hitch. Here are all the winners...

New: Systemic

Colorado Public Radio announced a four-part audio documentary that looks at people working to reform policing from inside and outside the system. The first episode of Systemic, hosted and reported by CPR podcast producer Jo Erickson, will launch on May 19

Real Stories of Civil Rights from Alabama

Alabama News reports that the Alabama State Tourism board has launched a podcast called The Alabama Civil Rights Trail that tells real stories of civil rights that happened in Alabama like the famous Selma to Montgomery March, from people who lived it.

Prince Harry in Hot Water Over ‘Expert’ Appearance

Fox News reports that following the appearance of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast where Harry again criticized the throne, unnamed palace aids are asking Prince Harry to abdicate his title.

NPR Presents Middle School Winners

NPR reports on the eighth-grade winners of their middle-school contest as part of the Student Podcast Challenge for their podcast Whodunnit? from Sayre Middle School. Congratulations to Braeden Collett, Bo Porter, Brennan Williams, And Dominique Jannat for their fine work.

Spotify Now Allowing Full Song Use

The New York Times reports on how podcasts on Spotify are taking a new approach to using licensed music to avoid copyright issues. Spotify allows creators to use full songs from Spotify's music library for free, with Spotify taking a greater cut of ad revenue.

She Launched To Talk About the Utah Jazz

Deseret News from Utah reports on a podcast about the Utah Jazz from their reporter Sarah Todd called Unsalveagable: A Utah Jazz Podcast. She hosts the show as part of the Blue Wire Podcast Network.