A Show That Unifies Sports And Faith

Catholic Sports Radio is a new weekly podcast launched with the mission of highlighting the intersection of one’s faith life and sports life. The show, created and hosted by Bruce Wawrzyniak, has already dropped six episodes.

Commissioner Rosenworcel Interviews Obama Adviser

Victoria Espinel is an expert on the intersection of technology, innovation, and public policy who advised President Obama on intellectual property during his term in office. Espinel is the latest guest on FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel’s podcast Broadband Conversations.

This Is One Tough Podcast

Former New York City police detective and private investigator Bo Dietl will give listeners an uncensored take on true crime and the issues of the day in his new One Tough Podcast, on 77 WABC’s OG Podcast Network.

Showmance Secrets

Ladygang Network is launching Showmance -- a new comedic podcast featuring best-friend duos from some of the biggest TV shows and movies -- on PodcastOne.

Get Motivated All Week Long

Most folks have heard of Motivation Monday. Well, iHeartRadio feels they can do a bit better than that and have introduced Motivational Podcast Week.

It’s All About Being Empowered… AF

Cadence13 has launched a podcast with the eye-catching name of Professional AF. What can this mean?

Blackout Drops Tuesday

Next week a new podcast from Academy Award winner Rami Malek called Blackout will be released by Endeavor Audio. The drama focuses on the aftermath of the power grid going down across the nation and a small-town New Hampshire DJ who fights to protect his community amid the chaos.

Where Do All Those Podcasts Go?

The Metropolitan New York Library Council, a non-profit organization that provides research, programming, and organizational tools for libraries, archives, and museums, has launched a new podcast about podcast preservation. It's called Preserve This Podcast.

So, What Really Happened?

Seven Bucks Productions, Andrew Jenks Entertainment, and Cadence13 have launched season two of WHAT REALLY HAPPENED? The interview series is written and hosted by documentarian Andrew Jenks.

History of Advertising Trust Launches Show

It's the golden age of British advertising. The History of Advertising Trust podcast will feature interviews with Dave Trott, Sir Alan Parker (director of Bugsy Malone) and Hugh Hudson (director of Chariots of Fire), Sir Frank Lowe and Judie Lannon.