Apple Changing the Game with Podcast Subscriptions

Apple announced a major update to Apple Podcasts.  First, they added Apple Podcast Subscriptions that allows creators to add bonus content to paid subscribers, next a redesigned search tab, and finally Channels that are like recommended podcast playlists.

Curiouscast Bulks Up Network

Corus Entertainment's podcast network Curiouscast welcomed fiction podcast Marsfall to their network, launched the second season in the "Rising" series with China Rising, and started their first original fiction podcast Escaping Denver.

Dave Chappelle and His ‘Midnight Miracle’

Luminary announced a new variety show called The Midnight Miracle headlined by Dave Chappelle just before the Apple Podcasts announcement and the new show will run on Luminary's app and Luminary's new Apple paid channel.

The Fall Guy and the Pool Boy

Wondery released the first two episodes of their series In God We Lust, centered around the Jerry Falwell Jr. pool boy scandal. It's hosted by Brooke Siffrinn and Aricia Skidmore-Williams

IAB Podcast Upfront Schedule Released

The IAB Podcast Upfront, where major companies announce their new shows to advertisers and media buyers, announced their lineup for their virtual 2021 event called "Listen Up!" on May 11-13.

What Led to the Iraq War?

Slow Burn Season 5 from Slate released their first episode called "The Exile" focusing on Ahmad Chalabi, the exiled Iraqi politician who pushed the United States to invade Iraq on March 19, 2003, with the goal of removing Saddam Hussein.

BetterHelp Tops Advertiser Spending List

Magellan AI posted their movers and shakers list in podcast advertising for March as BetterHelp, Comcast, and ZipRecruiter topped the list. They also looked at FanDuel, Ana Luisa (jewelry), and lawn care service Sunday to see why they increased their podcast investing.

Conrad Thompson Found His Niche: Pro Wrestling

Conrad Thompson is one of the most successful podcasters in the world. He is the host of six different weekly wrestling talk shows with legendary names in the business, and just added a seventh that starts May 4th. We spoke to him about finding your niche.

New: ‘Badlands’ from Jake Brennan

Jake Brennan Productions of Disgraceland announced a new spin-off series with Amazon Music called Badlands. The first season, Hollywoodland, will explore famous deaths like Marilyn Monroe and Bruce Lee.  All ten episodes will premiere on May 5th.

Russell Brand’s New Show Rises ‘Above the Noise’

Above the Noise with Russell Brand launched its first episode and the show is an exclusive from the Luminary Network. Each week, comedian and actor Russell Brand guides the listener through meditation techniques to disconnect from the outside world and rise Above the Noise.