Radio CEO Launches First Podcast Episode

Beasley has been promoting the fact that it will be unveiling a new company-wide podcast strategy later this year. On Thursday Beasley’s CEO jumped into the podcasting arena herself.

Discussing Lincoln’s Leadership

Beasley Media Group Vice President of Programming Buzz Knight, who has his own blog on, speaks with Award-Winning Author Doris Kearns Goodwin on the key messages in her new book, entitledLeadership in Turbulent Times. It’s part of a five-part discussion and the seventh episode of Knight’s blog.

Measurement: Here’s Where We Are

(By Todd Cochrane) In 2005, I had the privilege of being part of the team that built the first podcast measurement platform. I quickly found myself buried in podcast statistics and trend measurement, which led to our very first podcast advertising deals.

What’s Wrong With Podcasting Lately?

(by Rob Walch) Sometimes it seems the only thing people like more than jumping on a bandwagon is trying to be the first to say something is wrong with that bandwagon.

Become A Great Presenter

(By James Marriot) Even if someone's engaged with your podcast, if you're not at the top of your game with your content, listeners will drift away. Here are four tips to help podcasters become better presenters:

Truckin’ On Down The Podcast Road

(By Buck Ballard) Every Sunday evening will find me downstairs in my home studio. My son Don will be joining me via Google Hangouts at about 8:30 p.m. I'll fire up the live audio feed, Facebook live, and the recorder at 8:45 p.m., sharp.

The 5 Most Important Things When Starting A Podcast

(By Dave Jackson) You want to start a podcast? You’ve heard how every TV show, ex-radio DJ, and empty nester with something to say is starting a podcast.

Podcasting’s 15-Year Journey

(By Rob Greenlee) We’ve seen the headlines about the closures of podcasting divisions at prominent digital media companies like BuzzFeed, Audible, and Panoply, which have unleashed a new round of bubble-bursting reactionism.

How To Get More Listeners If You’re Not Joe Rogan

(By Brendan Monaghan) The two questions I hear most from podcasters are, in order: 1) How do I grow my audience? and, 2) How do I make more money?

Panoply, Vox Announce Partnership

Vox Media has selected Panoply as a partner for podcast distribution and monetization. Vox will use Panoply’s podcast platform, Megaphone, to host and distribute its entire lineup of podcasts across the Vox Media Podcast Network.