Radio CEO Launches First Podcast Episode

Beasley has been promoting the fact that it will be unveiling a new company-wide podcast strategy later this year. On Thursday Beasley’s CEO jumped into the podcasting arena herself.

Artie Is Back … Again

Comedian Artie Lange is launching a new podcast called Artie Lange’s Halfway House next month.

iHeart’s Upstate Unsolved Is Back

WGY Albany's Phoebe LaFave investigates the unsolved murders of two Albany County women from the Late 1950s and Early 60s.

Is A Podcast On YouTube Really A Podcast?

Several stories have recently emerged that have YouTube being used -- and growing -- as a listening platform for podcasts. Those stories cause longtime podcasters to pull their hair out. This latest Westwood One study is sure to fuel their fury.

Audioboom Announces New Slate of Shows

All the podcasts from Audioboom are originals. This latest wave of new and returning shows cover Parenting, Society & Culture and of course, True Crime. Here they are... Is This Company For You?

0's pitch is: "The easiest way for podcasters to offer exclusive content to their listeners." The company says it can easily help you build a podcast membership program. And you know what that means....more money in your pocket. We wanted to get you more detail than what you could fine on the company's website, so, we interviewed the CEO.

You CAN Make Money From Your Show

That's what the folks at We Edit Podcasts believe and they've laid out several ways you can do that, including live events, producing e-books and by repurposing your content.

Giuliani Considers Launching Impeachment Podcast

If you want to get your side of the story out in your own words the thing to do these days is launch a podcast.

Podcasts Help The New York Times Evolve

The Daily - the number one show in podcasting according to Podtrac - has helped The New York Times create a brand new revenue stream in a dying industry. 

NEW: Open Mike

Controversial Michigan attorney and former WDIV TV reporter Mike Morse says he’s laying down the truth on his new podcast called Open Mike.