Radio CEO Launches First Podcast Episode

Beasley has been promoting the fact that it will be unveiling a new company-wide podcast strategy later this year. On Thursday Beasley’s CEO jumped into the podcasting arena herself.

Season Two of Crime Beat Launches This Week

On Thursday the second season of the deep-dive narrative crime series will be available. Season 2 is called “Mom vs. Murderer.”

Hayes, “In The Post” Return

Basketball podcast In the Post has returned featuring NBA Hall of Famer Elvin Hayes. Each week, Hayes, aka The Big-E, along with co-host Alex Gold will present news and interviews from all the biggest names in college and pro basketball.

Getting My “On” Switch Toggled At “She Podcasts Live”

(By Linda Henry) The vibe at She Podcasts Live was of women appreciating women as though we are all heroes on a shared journey of discovery. That kind of support and camaraderie with a group of women hasn’t always been my experience.

Luminary Gets A New CEO

Paywall podcast app Luminary has hired Simon Sutton (pictured) as its new CEO. Founder Matt Sacks will become Executive Chairman.

Two More Creators Join Podfund

The Podfund Portfolio now numbers more than a dozen podcast creators, with the addition of these two creators.

Deezer Highlights Podcasts In Their App

The folks at the music focused app have realized how important podcasts have become to consumers around the world. Deezer has launched a new “Shows” tab that will help users locate their favorite podcasts more easily.

Patreon Releases Top 40 Podcasters

We're guessing Patreon is judging them by the amount of money they make but they do not specify that's the case. The top five shows are: Jake & Amir, Chapo Trap House, Crime Junkie, This Might Get Weird and The Minimalists. See the full list HERE.

What To Do If Your Show Disappears From iTunes

Mathew McLean at The Podcast Host says podcasts vanishing from Apple/iTunes isn't an uncommon scenario, and, he adds it's usually a fairly easy fix.

Same Big Names Lead iHeartRadio’s Top 100

iHeart's latest list of the 100 top podasts has just been released and the summit remains inhabited by familiar names.