My 15 Years As A Podcaster

(By Bruce Carlson) This August, my podcast My History Can Beat Up Your Politics hit a significant milestone. 15 years. That's not a typo. At least one episode posted monthly for the last 15 years.

Flowers Charity Helps Fund Cold Case. Arrest Made.

Audiochuck Founder and Crime Junkie host Ashley Flowers' non-profit Season of Justice provided a grant to Central Indiana Law Enforcement which she says assisted in the arrest of a long-sought-after serial rapist. So far Flowers has donated $225K to 31 cases.

YouTube, Tik Tok and Audiograms

(By Traci Long DeForge) What's the difference between YouTube and Podcasting? Am I too late to launch? Should I put an Audiogram on Tik Tok? Those are the three questions I tackle this week from PBJ readers.

No Drama For PodcastOne

PodcastOne has entered into a multi-year agreement with Kailyn Lowry and Vetzabe Rivera to provide production, distribution, sales and marketing for their podcast, Baby Mamas No Drama.

Who Killed Robert Wone?

YR Media and producer Aliza Rosen have released a new storytelling 8-episode podcast called The Murder of Robert Wone on Audible. The show investigates the 2006 murder of Washington D.C. attorney Robert Wone… a case that remains unsolved.

No ‘Grey’ Areas For Podcast Newbie

Ellen Pompeo, star of ABC’s long-running hit series Grey’s Anatomy will host her first ever podcast. 'Tell Me with Ellen Pompeo' will invite her guests to tell her what motivates and inspires them, how they arrived at their body of work, their art, their book, or whatever they're working on.

We Want To Hear About YOUR Podcast Launch

We want to hear all about your plan to launch your new podcast for our new series called Why I'm Launching A Podcast. Let's all help each other succeed. Contact . Our goal is to help you grow your show.

Podcasting is All About Intimacy

That’s what Alicia Menendez said at the Radio Ink Hispanic Radio Conference Wednesday. Menendez is the co-host of the Latina To Latina podcast. She’s also a weekend anchor for MSNBC. The Latina To Latina podcast recently went over 1 million downloads.

And Here Are The Judges

PodcastOne has set its panel of judges to select the winner of Self Made Podcast Edition, an audio competition to find the next podcast star for the network.

What Should Happen to The Boston Bomber

Launching today from Storic Media Podcast Network, a division of United Stations Media Networks, Mayhem with Michele McPhee. The launch comes as the  Supreme Court readies to hear arguments on whether the death penalty sentence imposed on Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should be vacated.