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Getting My “On” Switch Toggled At “She Podcasts Live”

(By Linda Henry) The vibe at She Podcasts Live was of women appreciating women as though we are all heroes on a shared journey of discovery. That kind of support and camaraderie with a group of women hasn’t always been my experience.

Kudos To Our Friends at PodcastOne

PodcastOne programs have earned a total of 51 Digital Hollywood Award nominations in the event’s inaugural year. The awards will be announced at the Digital Hollywood Conference on November 14.

Westwood One Gets Political

Westwood One will distribute and sell a new podcast and weekend radio show with the McLaughlin Group. Political writer and commentator Tom Rogan hosts the series, with panel members Pat Buchanan, Eleanor Clift, and Clarence Page.


Do you believe you have a unique story to tell? Are you great at storytelling? Do you want to tell the world about your show? We want to put you in The PBJ Spotlight.

Is A Podcast On YouTube Really A Podcast?

Several stories have recently emerged that have YouTube being used -- and growing -- as a listening platform for podcasts. Those stories cause longtime podcasters to pull their hair out. This latest Westwood One study is sure to fuel their fury.

Study: Host-Read Ads Rule The Day

Westwood One has released the results from its latest podcast study. The network has been conducting what it calls the "Podcast Download" study for the last three years.

Who Are Your Super Listeners?

Findings from the first-ever Super Listeners study from PodcastOne and Edison Research were debuted Wednesday at the IAB Podcast Upfront in New York.

New Podcast Marketplace Launches

BrandVerge, a premium advertising marketplace that connects media companies with advertisers has added a podcast platform. The goal of BrandVerge's new platform is to provide advertisers with a destination to discover and evaluate podcasts.

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