Three Ways To Grow Your Audience

In this weeks installment of 3 Questions For Traci, PBJ Editorial Board Member and Produce Your Podcast founder Traci Long DeForge addresses the biggest question we hear from podcasters all over the globe...How do I grow my audience?

Where Are Consumers Listening To Podcasts?

According to the ratings firm Nieslen, Washington, D.C., is the number one market for podcast listening. Nielsen Audio's Portable People Meter measurement service collected data in the 48 largest radio markets. Seattle was #2 followed by Salt Lake. Here are the Top 10 markets according to Nielsen.

The History Of Podcasting

(By Todd Cochrane) Many have forgotten, or do not know, the origin story of podcasting. So let me share a little tale.

Sony Music Enters Podcasting Space

Sony Music has signed a deal with podcast developers Adam Davidson and Laura Mayer. The plan is for Sony to develop original podcast talent and programming.

Radio To Podcasters: “We Have A Big Advantage.” Oh Really?

(By Norm Pattiz) I love radio -- always have -- and take great pride in having founded a company that still lives today, but reality is reality. On-demand audio podcasting with its countless advantages to consumers, advertisers, and marketers interested in content that you can’t find on the radio dial is where the heat is.

Scripps Podcast Revenue Up 38%

On Friday Scripps reported that revenue at Stitcher was up nearly 40%. Specific revenue figures for Stitcher were not broken out from the other Scripps divisions. Television received the majority of the attention during the call Friday. Scripps owns 52 TV stations in 36 markets. Here's what the company said about podcasting.

Is Luminary Bound To Fail?

The folks at the new paywall app have certainly ruffled a lot of feathers, both before and after its launch this week. Is there time to turn around the haters?

PBJ Spotlight: Amon Focus – “New York Said” Podcast

The New York Said Podcast is a cornucopia of characters and people host Amon Focus meets in New York City, all trying to live out their lives and dreams in one of the world's greatest cities.

Only 19% Of Americans Listen To Podcasts Weekly

That's according to Nielsen's latest Total Audience Report, which is for the 3rd quarter of 2018, and for Americans 18 and over.

There’s No Such Thing As Too Long

Those are the words of Vice President of Podcaster Relations for Libsyn Rob Walch who was a keynote speaker at Podfest last week. Walch is also a Podcast Business Journal Editorial Board Member. Walch addressed an issue every podcaster worries about: 'How long should my podcast be?'