Podcorn Says It Can Help Podcasters Make Money

Podcorn says its new marketplace platform will make it easy for podcasters to find and secure sponsors. Here are all the details...

The 10 Things I Learned at Podcast Movement

(By Johnny Peterson) As I sat in the jam-packed convention hall, I suddenly found myself in awe of how large this community really is. I’ve compiled the 10 most important takeaways from my first time at Podcast Movement.

This Week is All About Podcast Movement

It all begins at 9AM this morning at The Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando with new attendee orientation. Podcast Movement Organizer Dan Franks tells PBJ he's expecting about 3,000 people.

Do You Want Music in Your Podcasts?

SoundExchange has announced plans to collaborate with SourceAudio to provide podcasters with fully integrated global music licenses. Here are the details...

Why It’s Important To Fix Your Glitches

(By Troy Price) My advice for podcasters using Skype or other VoIP solutions for remote recordings of their guests: edit the glitches out of your recording. Leaving the glitches in shows a lack of patience and provides a jarring opportunity for listeners to disengage.

Can You Summarize What A Podcast Is?

(By Troy Price) I spoke to a class at the local college last week and I was asked a question that I had trouble answering. I was 20 minutes into a 90-minute presentation and a student asked, “Mr. Price, what is a podcast.” Hmm.

About Those 700,00 Apple Podcasts. Nobody Cares.

(By Ed Ryan) I don't like to find myself at odds with the people I respect so much in the podcasting space. But, sometimes that happens.

The Best Example Of A Podcast Network

(By Troy Price) Escape Artists Inc. are one of the best examples of a podcast network out there. Here are the six reasons I think these folks have it together and why their podcasts and network should be on everyone’s favorite podcasting app.

This Podcast Cost $100,000 Per Episode

You may have heard that on Friday the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the conviction of Curtis Flowers. The case of Flowers - who's been convicted of the same crime six times - was covered extensively on season two of the podcast In the Dark.

Where Are Consumers Listening To Podcasts?

According to the ratings firm Nieslen, Washington, D.C., is the number one market for podcast listening. Nielsen Audio's Portable People Meter measurement service collected data in the 48 largest radio markets. Seattle was #2 followed by Salt Lake. Here are the Top 10 markets according to Nielsen.