Sunday, February 24, 2019

Are You Ready To Merge With Radio?

Dan Granger at AdWeek says that's already happening. And, he says you can expect it to keep happening. One statement in his piece may frazzle you even more. Granger says the majority of the top podcast networks are already owned by radio.

Spotify Purchasing Gimlet And Anchor

We've been hearing the news about a potential Spotify deal to purchase Gimlet, however, adding hosting company Anchor into the mix is new news and a clear sign Spotify is getting serious about podcasting.

Fired From Radio. Now He’s A Podcaster.

Eric Zane was once flying high as part of the Free Beer & Hot Wings syndicated radio show. After 15 years, he wore out his welcome and they let him go. Then in 2016, Cumulus hired him to host mornings in Grand Rapids. Earlier this year, he lost that job.

Make Your Message The Mission

(By Thom Singer) If you want to grow your podcast's audience, you have to stand out from the crowd. Too many podcasters copy the format of a popular show. Bad idea.

In The PBJ Spotlight: Jacob Bozarth

Jacob Bozarth is the co-founder of Resonate Recordings, a comprehensive podcast editing service and production company.

A Strategy For Growing Your Audience

(By Tanner Campbell) Here’s a strategy we've employed regularly for our own programs and which has found success far more often than it hasn’t. This doesn’t guarantee your success, but it gives you a place to start.

The Biggest Problem Podcasters Have (And How To Fix It).

(Alex Exum) The idea of flipping on a microphone and becoming the next Joe Rogan or Adam Carolla is appealing, but very unrealistic. This is an uneven playing field and you are running up hill from the start.

PROFILE: Sensible People

Taylor Wagener, Raw Dog Ryan Church and Mandi B started their podcast for several reasons. They were told they had great comedic chemistry and a crazy sense of humor when they got together. Podcasting enables them to put it all there and entertain the masses. In the PBJ spotlight today, Sensible People.

Podcasting Deserves Better

(By Owen Grover) Podcasting is having a moment. While we in the industry celebrate this momentum, we also understand how much work remains to be done. We must do better. Podcasting -- listeners and storytellers -- deserves so much more.

How Monthly Stats Mislead

(By Dave Jackson) When I was speaking at DC Podfest, I had the audience repeat after me, “Monthly stats are crap.” While they are not crap, they can be misleading.