Podcasts Are Addicting

And millenials are the group of Americans most addicted to them, according to new data released by Jacobs Media in their 2020 TechSurvey.

Podcast Movement Still On…For Now

PM 2020 is still five months away and with the uncertainty of this near lock-down in the United States, the team at Podcast Movement is in wait-and-see mode.

RØDE Donating Kits To Schools

The company is offering schools a full RØDECaster Pro kit (including a RØDECaster Pro, 2 microphones, microphone stands, cables and headphones) to any NSW public school.

These Podcasters Are Making Millions

Forbes has published a list of top earning podcasters. And, you may be surprised - perhaps even shocked - at how much money these five podcasters are making from their shows.

Spotify Launches Gimlet Academy

This new 5-part podcast series teaches podcasters how to up their game with expert lessons on pitching, booking, interviewing and editing. The host is Gimlet co-founder Alex Blumberg.

S-Town Case Headed To Mediation

We first reported on this story back in March 2019 when the estate of John McLemore dropped a lawsuit on Serial Productions. McLemore was the subject of the wildly popular podcast S-Town.

Podcasting’s Crystal Ball With Matt Cundill

Matt Cundill is the host of The Sound Off Podcast and CEO of The Sound Off Media Company, which he launched back in 2015. On his podcast Matt interviews broadcasters, podcaters and new media moguls. Here's what Matt thinks about 2019 and the year ahead.

Podcasting’s Crystal Ball With Mathew Passy

He's known as The Podcast Consultant. Mathew Passy is a podcast producer and consultant who's been podcasting himself for 11 years and producing podcasts for others for the last 5. Here's what Mathew has to say about 2019 and the year ahead.

Podcasting’s Crystal Ball – Steve Goldstein

Steve Goldstein jumped into the podcasting pool early. He saw the writing on the wall and left radio (after a very successful career) to launch Amplifi Media to focus on an industry he saw exploding. Today Steve is considered to be one of the top dogs in the podcasting space. Let's see what he has to say...

The Podcasting Crystal Ball

In our continuing series about the future of podcasting, we check in with Evo Terra. Over the next several weeks, we'll be asking a long line of experts to summarize 2019 and give us their insights on what to expect in 2020. Evo is a professional contrarian and host of Podcast Pontifications.