How A Newspaper Is Leveraging Podcasts

There are many ways podcasts are being used today. Some podcasters are trying to make a living, businesses use them to promote other in-house products, print publications might use them to try to increase subscription based products. The Guardian is doing all of that.

Is Apple Planning To Break Up iTunes?

There are several reports out that Apple may be planning to release separate Music and Podcasts apps for the Mac.  

Interviewing Famous People Is Lazy Podcasting

Those are the words of Jim Collison on the latest episode of Ask The Podcast Coach with Dave Jackson. Collison has some advice for podcasters on what they should focus on and it has nothing to do with finding famous people to have on your show.

A New Podcast Division Has Launched

Production company Main Event Media has joined forces with Audioboom to launch an original podcast division.

Music Companies Want In On Your Game

Following the recent announcement that SONY Music would be developing original shows, Billboard digs deeper to find out many music companies are adopting a new outlook when it comes to podcasts: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. READ IT.

Should You Buy A Rode Podcaster Microphone

The folks at The Podcast Host review the mic and say The Rode Podcaster is one of the best USB mics on the market, but...