Is This Your Dream Job?

If you don't think podcasting is growing, check out what the successful subscription-based sports website The Athletic is looking for.

Beware: Patreon Is Watching

If you plan to follow in Dave Jackson's footsteps and make a car payment with your Patreon funds, be aware the company has human eyes on you.

Are You A Blue Yeti Fan?

Matthew McLean at The Podcast Host does a lengthy review of the popular microphone. He says it's a great option for someone looking for a simple set-up, but also a decent level of sound quality, and is certainly better its little brother, the Blue Snowball.

How To Make Your Podcast Mobile

Brian Heater says he's been podcasting for 12 years. Part of the reason he loves doing it is there's no overhead. He's just posted episode #322 of his interview show RiYL (Recomend If You Like) and then wrote in TechCrunch how he's able to keep all the gear he needs to record and produce his show into a laptop sleeve.

Two Stitcher Execs Join Art19

Podcast hosting company ART19 has hired Korri Kolesa and Lex Friedman. Kolesa, formerly the Chief Revenue Officer at Stitcher, takes over as COO at ARrt19. Lex Friedman, formerly the Chief Business Development Officer at Stitcher, is joining as ART19’s Chief Revenue Officer.

Patreon Making Changes

CEO Jack Conte says three new plans are being introduced and they are all opt-in. Nothing will be changing for current creators.

Entrepreneurs Turning To Podcasting

Mahalo Media's Addison Price tells that although podcasts represent only a fraction of the overall marketing channels now deployed by startups, the trend will continue to grow exponentially as the medium matures. He's hedging his bets that podcasts are going to explode even more. Here's the article.

Report: Podcast Advertising To Double

That's according to a new report published by WARC. The research firm says over the next three years podcast advertising could reach $1.6 billion.

Chartable Raises $1.5 Million, Launches SmartLinks

Analytics company Chartable has raised $1.5 million in seed funding from seven different sources. Chartable also announced the launch of SmartLinks—shareable, trackable URLs that automatically route listeners to podcasts in their favorite apps.

James Cridland Guests on NAB Podcast

The interview was recorded at the NAB Show in Las Vegas last month. The CEO is interviewed by the NAB's Josh Miely and covers global podcast trends, international podcasting marketplaces and how radio stations are deploying podcasts. LISTEN HERE.