Sunday, February 24, 2019

Podcasting Faces Significant Challenges

Tim Peterson attended the Winter Upfronts held in Los Angeles this week and has some excellent insight on the event in a new piece in Digiday. Here's what we believe was the most compelling takeaway from his visit...

5 Steps To Creating A Podcast Budget

It's a question we all face at the beginning. How much money should we spend on our hobby, knowing it's not going to make money at first -- or perhaps ever.

Apple Podcasts On The Decline

That's the prediction from the folks at Blubrry who say there are just too many options now to listen to podcasts that it was bound to happen.

WNYC Studios Announces New Shows

Also at the LA Podcast Upfront, WNYC Studios announced a slate of projects, including new podcasts featuring stand-up and storytelling from comedians. Here's what WNYC has planned for 2019.

Happy Birthday Fools

On Friday “Motley Fool Money” will mark the 10th anniversary of the show’s first episode in 2009. The show began as a weekly-15-minute podcast about business and investing and made history the following January when it became the first podcast to make the leap to syndicated radio.

Triton Scores Radio Deal For Podcast Content

Triton Digital has signed a deal with Midwest Communications to power the creation, monetization, and measurement of its podcast content. Midwest has 75 stations in eight states.

We Want To Put You In The PBJ Spotlight

Do you believe you have a unique story to tell? Are you great at storytelling? Do you podcast to a specific, rabid, niche of fans and listeners? We want to put you in The PBJ Spotlight.

Jaime (“Jemmy”) Legagneur

Jaime ("Jemmy") Legagneur is the CEO of the Florida Podcast Network and co-host of Florida Podcasting News and Finding Florida, which she co-hosts with Glenn "The Geek" Hebert. She will also be a keynote speaker at Podfest, which kicks off March 7 in Orlando. Here's our PBJ Spotlight podcast interview with Jaime Legagneur.

Spreaker Launches New Editing Tool

For those podcasters that use Spreaker to host their show, some good news. Spreaker has launched a new post-production trimming tool. Get all the details HERE.

3,000 Brands Have Advertised In Podcasts

That's according to a new report out from the company Magellan which samples episodes from 2,000 shows that rank in the Top Podcasts on Apple Podcasts.