This New Company Wants To Help You Make Money

Everyone wants to make enough money podcasting to quit their days jobs don't they? says they've made it easier for fans to your show to pay you. was recently in Beta mode but has gone live. Names Advisory Board

0 is part of Rebel Base Media and CEO Mark Asquith has named three industry executives to the advisory board of

4DC Partners With Fresh Air Production

Global podcast agency 4DC, which launched in December 2018, is partnering with UK-based podcast production company, Fresh Air Production. The partnership’s first client is a brand-funded podcast series with law firm, Slater and Gordon.

Post Your Classified Ad With PBJ

As the podcasting industry grows, so will the need to find great people to keep it growing. As of today, The Podcast Business Journal has an entire section dedicated to classifieds. GO HERE.

Music In Podcasts?

Apparently there's a big announcement coming regarding the music you can play in your podcasts. A few people know what the announcement is. Todd Cochrane, Rob Greenlee and Dan Franks to name a few. They are not spilling the beans on what the news is but did beat around the bush about it on The New Media Show this past weekend.

The Best Outdoor Podcasts     

Outside Magazine editors pick 5 podcasts that share campfire tales, athlete interviews, and the occasional Bigfoot search. Among the 15 picks are The Tim Ferris Show, Ultrarunner and Dirtbag Diaries.

HelloCast Has Some New Tools

Hellocast is a workflow platform that launched in April. The platform now includes features that make it easy for podcasters to build custom checklists and workflows.

Does Your Show Sound Boring?

Sometimes you need to inject a little life into your podcast. Extra sounds might be the trick. Where do you find them? Matt McLean at The Podcast Host has a few suggestions which include both paid and free services and include sound effects, jingles and music.

The Top Advertisers in June Were…

According to Magellan, online counseling company Better Help ran more ads on podcast than any other advertiser in June. In fact Better Help knocked Zip Recruiter from the number one spot. Here are the top ten advertisers for June...

Using E-Mail To Grow Your Show

Tomorrow on Scott Carson's webinar on podcasting the focus of his weekly lesson will be how to grow, connect with and WOW your audience using email tricks and tools. REGISTER HERE