Radio CEO Launches First Podcast Episode

Beasley has been promoting the fact that it will be unveiling a new company-wide podcast strategy later this year. On Thursday Beasley’s CEO jumped into the podcasting arena herself.

Nielsen Touts The Addition of 3 More Clients

The ratings firm announced that Active International, Ad Results Media, and Oxford Road are now subscribers to Nielsen’s Podcast Buying Power Service.

NEW: Feeling My Flow

The new podcast, which launches on July 11, is aimed at 12- to 16-year-olds along the gender spectrum and will feature stories ranging from late bloomers to the fight on period poverty. Listen to the trailer HERE.

COLD Moves Exclusively to Amazon

KSL Podcasts, the team behind COLD: Susan Powell Case Files, has announced that Amazon Music will stream the podcast exclusively on its service starting in March with the launch of season 2.

Podfund Invests In Three More Shows

RadioPublic's new company PodFund, which helps podcasters on the cusp of making it big but lacks the financial resources, has invested in three more shows.

Radio Station Launches Ohio State Podcast

It's called the 11th Ranked Pod,  focusing exclusively on Ohio State Football all year round. The new podcast is being released by Good Karma Broadcasting in Cleveland.

My Dad Wrote A Porno Hosts Touring

The tour includes 5 shows in Australia for the popular podcast hosted by Jamie Morton.

Is There A Celebrity Podcast Bubble?

That's what Fred Jacobs asks in his latest blog about podcasting. As the COVID vaccine moves us more toward reality Jacobs wonders how many of those stars will still be producing podcasts in a year. Read his full analysis HERE.

My Budget Is $300. What Should I Do?

(By Johnny Peterson) Podcasting on a budget -- one of my favorite topics! In the era of easily accessible, high-quality technology, you no longer need to pay a pretty penny to rent professional studios and pay a team of producers to get your message out to the world.

Entercom Buys Podcorn For $22.5 Million

Podcorn is a podcasting marketplace that connects advertisers with podcast creators. Entercom is paying $22.5 million for Podcorn, $14.6 million upfront and a performance-based earnout over three years.