Radio CEO Launches First Podcast Episode

Beasley has been promoting the fact that it will be unveiling a new company-wide podcast strategy later this year. On Thursday Beasley’s CEO jumped into the podcasting arena herself. Names Advisory Board

0 is part of Rebel Base Media and CEO Mark Asquith has named three industry executives to the advisory board of

Crime Junkie Hosts Accused of Plagiarism

Ashley Flowers and Brit, hosts of the popular True Crime series, Crime Junkie are being accused of Plagiarism by a reporter at The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Companies Turning More To Podcasting To Brand

The New York Times highlights how major brands such as McDonald's, Facebook, Microsoft, Lyft, New Balance, Trader Joe's, and GE are tapping into the podcasting craze to market to customers.

Do You Use Audacity To Edit Your Show?

If Audacity is your DAW of choice, check out this how-to article at Buzzsprout today. We, here at PBJ, love to use Audacity for our podcasts because it's easy to use and it's free.

Outlier Festival Speakers Set For L.A.

The lineup of keynote speakers is set for Los Angeles Outlier Festival which is being held September 13 and 14.

Sound Quality is Very Important

Chris Curran from Podcast Engineering School joins David Hooper on the latest episode of Build a Better Podcast. They're talking equipment on the show, and how to spend $100 (if that's all you've got) or $1000 (if you want to spend more). LISTEN

“Indie Music Room” Gives Locals A Shot

Fort Dodge Radio has added locally produced podcast the Indie Music Room. Hosted by musical artist Heather Kelly, the program is a showcase for artists to share their original songs, explain the thoughts behind their creations, and play the most recent recordings.

NHL Team Using Patreon For Podcasts

The New York Islanders are using Patreon to generate a little extra cash from fans. There are three levels on the "Eye on Isles" Patreon page and here's what fans get from each level.

Some Of The Edison Research Stuff Has Been Wrong

That's what Libsyn VP of Podcast Relations Rob Walch said on a podcast panel yesterday. In fact, he said "wrong" three times. And he said it emphatically.