Apple Crowns Top Shows

The Apple podcast editorial team has chosen A Slight Change of Plans with Maya Shankar from Pushkin Industries as Best Show of the Year, and Anything for Selena with Maria Garcia from WBUR and Futuro Studios as Newcomer of the Year.

Spotify Signs Deal With Filmmaker

Spotify is looking at all angles to grow its podcasting division. On Wednesday Spotify announced a new deal with filmmaker J.J. Abrams' which will give the streamer a first look at podcasts from Abram's new audio unit called Bad Robot.

Magellan AI: Q3 Podcast Revenue Up 22%

The company released its Q3 Podcast Advertising Benchmark Report which not only showed the increase in advertising, it also revealed that over 1700 new brands ran on podcasts for the first time.

Hiking Host Looks to Grow His Network

Steve Adams is the Founder of the Hiking Radio Network. Currently the network is home to 6 shows, 3 are still producing regular episodes, including his own called Mighty Blue - On The Appalachian Trail - The Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis. To grow his network he's looking for five new hosts. Here's what he has in mind...

Explaining The Satoshi

Dave Jackson is now getting paid for his podcast in Satoshi's. He admits he doesn't really understand crypto. Let's face it, other than Adam Curry and Dave Jones, who really does? Listen to what Dave is up to as he tries to get the industry up to speed on the value-for-value model, and getting paid for podcasting, with his new show Leading The Bleeding.

NPR Launches Subscription Platform

The cost to listen to shows such as Code Switch, Fresh Air, Planet Money and How I Built This will now cost $2.99 per month or $29.99 for a year. NPR says the subscription model "unlocks access to sponsor-free feeds."

How to Build a Studio on a Shoestring Budget

(By Robert Wilson) Many up-and-coming podcasters are now making a name for themselves in podcasting. Now, you too can do the same (regardless of budgetary constraints) with the help of a few pointers.

8 Questions With a Successful Podcaster

Jim Harold has been podcasting for 16 years. He became a full-time podcaster in 2012 and now makes a comfortable living behind the podcasting microphone. Before podcasting, Jim was a radio broadcaster. His focus is the paranormal. We picked Jim's brain about how he became a successful podcaster.

More Great News For Our Industry

In a piece entitled Why Advertisers are All in on Podcasting, Fast Company profiles Crime Junkie superstar Ashley Flowers on how long it took her to grind it out as a podcaster before the advertisers came calling. It's a great piece for the podcasting industry. Read it HERE.

5 Ways To Get Your Podcast Discovered

(By Dave Jackson) So many people say there is a discovery problem with podcasting. There isn’t. There is a quality control problem with podcasting. ANYONE can create a podcast, and that is both a good and a bad thing.