Utah Is Hosting A Podcast Summit

If you live in or near Sandy, Utah you may want to head out to The Miller Conference Center on June 8th. The Utah Podcast Summit is an all day event beginning at 8 am. Speakers include Dave Jackson (School of Podcasting), Ever Gonzalez (Outliers) and Dave Cawley (host of COLD). Check out the schedule HERE

Auxbus Releases Episode Assembly

Creation platform Auxbus (formerly Podcraft) has launched Episode Assembly along with unlimited trials of its pre-release platform. Here's what Auxbus CEO Dan Radin says his new product can do for you and your show...

Here’s Another Show That Will Help You Grow

Our friend Mark Asquith, CEO and co-founder of Rebel Base Media produces a show called The Podcast Accelerator three times a week. It's about 10 minutes long and covers all the topics you'll want to know about to learn about podcasting and grow your audience. Plus Mark has a really cool accent. LISTEN HERE.

How To Find Your Podcasting Voice

(By Robbin Kinnie) Most articles about podcasting concentrate on the best equipment, how to increase your listening audience or ways to make moolah. The most important aspect of a podcast is the content. But, what do you do if you know you want to podcast but, are unsure as to what exactly you want to talk about?

Should You Record Your Show Outdoors?

If you're worried about finding the correct ambiance inside your garage or bedroom, or, if you just feel weird about sitting at your kitchen table alone with a microphone you need to check out THIS ARTICLE from Matthew McLean at The Podcast Host. Matt has some great insight on how and why you should consider taking your show outside.

Entercom, Cadence13 Honor Veterans

Radio company Entercom and podcast company Cadence13 are launching an original podcast called “To War and Back”, which explores the lives of three combat veterans and their journeys on the battlefield and on their return home. The full six-episode series will launch exclusively on Radio.com.

NEW: The Survival Guide for Orthodontists

With the help of Podcast Business Journal editorial board member Traci DeForge there's now a podcast available for Orthodontists. The goal is to help them grow their practice. Dr. Leon Klempner and Amy Epstein, co-founders of People & Practice, host the show. LISTEN HERE.

NEW: Anti-Waffle With Dr Ilan Kelman

Anti-Waffle is a show that talks to researchers. They examine why research is important. The goal is bring a bit of the academic world into the real world. LISTEN HERE.

We Are In The Golden Age Of Podcasts

That's according to a blog on the Spotify website. Spotify is the second most popular platform for podcasts behind Apple, according to Rob Walch at Libsyn. Spotify says podcast listening on its app increased 175% over the last year. Check out the article HERE brimming with cool charts and graphs about podcasting.

How to Get Booked on Podcasts

We don't necessarily agree that this is the answer but Buzzsprout says the #1 strategy to grow your podcast is to land guest interviews on other podcasts. In this article they detail exactly how you can become a guest in your niche or category.