Getting Sponsors For Your Podcast

This week Scott Carson's We Close Notes webinar focuses on how to get sponsors for your show.

Podcast Promotion Lessons From A Breakfast Diner

(By Tim O’Brien) In the course of my participation in numerous online forums for podcasters, there is a common assumption that causes more than a few podcasters to waste a lot of valuable time: confusing outputs with outcomes.

Beyond The Uniform

Justin Nassiri has been hosting Beyond The Uniform for three years now and has produced 325 episodes. Justin interviews Vets about their transition to civilian life, how they go there and what advice they'd give to other military personnel.

7 Percent of Podcasts Produced By Veterans

That's according to LukkyGo Productions which set out to estimate the likely number of podcasts produced or involve current or former members of the U.S. Military.

Tyson Moves to PodcastOne

Mike Tyson has teamed up with PodcastOne to distribute his show Hotboxin. Tyson interviews celebrities and athletes with his co-host, former NFL star, Eben Britton.

Military Dad Veteran

Today is a perfect day to highlight the show hosted by retired Marine Ben Killoy who launched Military Veteran Dad back in January and now has 47 episodes complete.

NEW: The City Season Two

The USA Today show dives into how power works in urban America. Season two focuses on the city of Reno. It's hosted by government watchdog reporter Anjeanette Damon and took two years to put together LISTEN.

NEW: Money Power Freedom

This new show hosted by comedian Cal Wilson and journalist Santilla Chingaipe launches November 21.

Five Beautiful Things About Podcasting.

(By Richard Davies) In the four-and-a-half years since leaving network broadcasting for podcasting, I have learned a thing or two, and un-learned a great deal more.


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