Daily Podcasts Come of Age

And The New York Times, which of course has one of its own called The Daily, highlights how these daily shows are now being recorded in the privacy of quite a few closets. Check out the story HERE.

Podcasts Are Addicting

And millenials are the group of Americans most addicted to them, according to new data released by Jacobs Media in their 2020 TechSurvey.

How To Turn Your Podcast Into A Brand Winner

(By Dustin Siggins) Every week 62 million Americans listen to podcasts. Over 800,000 podcasts exist, 192,000 of which were launched in 2019. Like social media before it, podcasting is becoming massively popular.

Atlanta Company Offering Free Podcast Course

Podcast production company FRQNCY Media is making a number of its resources available for free to support individuals, organizations and companies as they navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Forget About Netflix

The pay TV network seems to be getting most of the publicity when it comes to what to do while the nation is under the stay-safe house arrest. BuzzFeed has a list of top True Crime podcasts to binge on...

Happy Birthday Brad And Company

ABC News’ daily podcast Start Here celebrates its 2nd anniversary Saturday. During this coronavirus crisis, Start Here host Brad Mielke is broadcasting the show from his home ‘studio’ – a coat closet in his Brooklyn apartment. 

New: I Weigh

Stitcher has released the trailer for I WEIGH with Jameela Jamil. The show is hosted by actress, writer, activist Jameela Jamil. The trailer is available HERE

Conviction is Back For Season Two

From Spotify's Gimlet Conviction: American Panic is hosted by Julia Marchesi and Sharon Shattuck. The show focuses on a chapter in American history where scores of people were falsely accused and convicted for crimes they did not commit.

NPR Publishes Do It From Home Guide For Kids

With every school across the country sending kids home, NPR's student podcast challenge deadline has been extended to May 1st. While the kids home school, NPR still wants them to be able to send in their podcast. So, they've created a guide on how to create a show from home.

Lyceum Launches New Platform

The company will produce podcasts and audio courses and help existing educational podcasts build engaged learning communities.