What Websites Are Using to Push Out Audio, Video

Website analytics and research company BuiltWith has released a cool list of the top media players that the one million most popular websites use to push out audio and video. Of the top 1 million sites, over 580,000 include video and audio content of some kind. Here are the media services those top sites are using.

Afros And Audio Festival

It's the third year for the festival with a mission to sustain and increase active podcasts by Black creatives and professionals in the podcast space. This year Libsyn, Squadcast and HubSpot are title sponsors of the November 13th and 14th event. REGISTER

Evergreen Launches KillerPodcasts.com

The site is filled with a curated collection of 'killer' podcasts. The catalog includes ParaTruth, The Mad Scientist Podcast, Crime Capsule and Who Killed…? These shows range from the macabre to the bizarre.

Amazon Music Launches Football Podcast

Starting October 25th Joe Thomas and Andrew Hawkins will host the twice weekly The Thom & Hawk Football Show on Amazon Music. Thomas and Hawkins are former NFL players and long-time best friends. TRAILER

Lemonada Launches First True Crime Show

It's called Believe Her, and follows Nikki Addimando's story of survival. Author and journalist Justine van der Leun hosts the six-part series, which aims to shine a light on domestic violence victims in the criminal justice system. LISTEN

Acast Launches Audio Fiction Week

Audio Fiction Week will run from October 25-30 to celebrate the world of fiction podcasts. Acast will showcase the works of fiction podcasters, provide resources for up-and-coming creators and launch new scripted programming.

NEW: Tug of War

The first episode of Tug of War is now out, hosted by CNN Chief International Correspondent Clarissa Ward. Ward travels to some of the most volatile corners of the world to document the greatest power struggles of our time. LISTEN

Mixtape Launches Today

Radiolab from WNYC Studios presents the first episode of MIXTAPE, a special five- part series that explores the power of a seemingly humble piece of technology that transformed our relationship to media forever: the cassette tape. TRAILER

We Want To Hear About YOUR Podcast Launch

We want to hear all about your plan to launch your new podcast for our new series called Why I'm Launching A Podcast. Let's all help each other succeed. Contact edryantheeditor@gmail.com . Our goal is to help you grow your show.

The Facebook Interview

In June Facebook entered the podcast space by allowing podcasters to use the platform to share their show. On The New Media Show Wednesday Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee interviewed Chelsea White and Irena Lam from Facebook to discuss what they are hoping to achieve by getting into the podcast space. Here's what Rob and Todd took away from that interview...