Dealing With (& Preventing) Podcast Burnout

(By Johnny Peterson) Every podcaster deals with burnout at some point in their journey, from career podcasters to hobbyists. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve fallen out of love with your podcast, but life just gets crazy.

Always Have A Backup Plan

(By Troy Price) Let me tell you a couple of stories about how you can lose all of your podcast episodes. But don't worry -- I'll also tell you how to save yourself the pain. And you might want to follow my advice before September 25!

Do You Want to Speak At Podfest 2020?

The team at The Podfest Multimedia Expo are taking applications for the 2020 conference which takes place March 6-8 in Orlando. Apply HERE.

The Best 11 Stuff You Should Know Podcasts

It is, and has been, one of the most popular podcasts in the audio space for years and the team at Discover Pods has picked out 11 of it's favorite Stuff You Should Know shows throughout the years.

NEW: Motive

WBEZ Chicago has launched a new investigative podcast series – Motive – to take listeners inside a single, real-life story to answer the simple question: “How could this have happened?”

NEW: Same Same Different

The new podcast comes from Michigan Radio's Bryce Hoffman and focuses on how to support your transgender child. The show is five episodes and runs October 7 through November 4. Listen to the trailer HERE.

NEW: Mija

Studio Ochenta officially launches its first multilingual podcast: Mija, this Wednesday. The show, hosted by studio founder Lory Martinez, is a short audio drama on one Colombian-American family’s immigration to the US across generations.

Broadway Has A Podcast Network

The Chicago Tribune has the story about the new Broadway Podcast Network which is the brainchild of Tony-winning producer and filmmaker Dori Berinstein and podcast host/producer Alan Seales.


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Podcasting Is On The Advertising Map

Ad Research company MAGNA, which forecasts advertising for all the major mediums such as TV, Radio, Outdoor and Print, has recognized podcasting as a player.