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How Chris Jericho Became A Superstar Podcaster

When he was doing wrestling bits between matches, you could tell Chris Jericho was a great entertainer. After 28 years of performing inside the squared circle — and luckily, no major injuries — Jericho took his talent into the podcasting space.

Making Podcast Listening Easy

Pocket Casts is considered to be one of the best apps to have to listen to podcasts. The platform was created in 2008 by Australian mobile app developer Shifty Jelly and launched in 2010.

The Brains Behind 30 For 30

Jody Avirgan runs and hosts 30 for 30 Podcasts, part of ESPN Films. He oversees the production of two seasons of original audio documentaries each year, and hosts conversations with filmmakers and others in between seasons.

Meet Mr. Reinvention

Steve Olsher is known as a reinvention expert. He's making a living helping people become clear on their WHAT – that is, the ONE thing they were created to do. Steve is also the host of several podcasts and creator of The New Media Summit. In our interview Olsher offers up some serious, and, at times, harsh advice for podcasters.

Jonathan Strickland

Jonathan Strickland has been podcasting since 2008. Today he's the host of the 5-day a week show called "TechStuff" and a recently launched podcast called "The Brink." He's very knowledgeable on how to podcast, why to podcast and how to make money podcasting. In our 30-minute interview we picked his brain for all of those details. Give a listen HERE.

Steve Stewart

Our 30-minute podcast today is with Steve Stewart. Steve has an amazing success story to tell about his podcasting life.

Andrew Allemann

Do you need a guest for your podcast? You may want to consider logging onto podcastguests.com.

Jack Rhysider

If you were thinking about starting a storytelling type podcast take a lesson from Jack Rhysider. Jack hosts Darknet Diaries where he researches true stories from the dark side of the Internet.

NPR’s Bryan Moffett

On Tuesday, NPR made the big announcement that Remote Audio Data, better known as RAD, is rolling out. RAD could be a game-changer for podcast measurement...that is, if everyone gets onboard.

Don’t Keep Your Day Job

You read that correctly. It says Don't Keep Your Day Job NOT Don't Quit Your Day Job. And that's the name of Cathy Heller's podcast. Heller's story is incredible.