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Jaime (“Jemmy”) Legagneur

Jaime ("Jemmy") Legagneur is the CEO of the Florida Podcast Network and co-host of Florida Podcasting News and Finding Florida, which she co-hosts with Glenn "The Geek" Hebert. She will also be a keynote speaker at Podfest, which kicks off March 7 in Orlando. Here's our PBJ Spotlight podcast interview with Jaime Legagneur.

Andrew Allemann

Do you need a guest for your podcast? You may want to consider logging onto podcastguests.com.

How To Tell A Story Brilliantly

Matt Shaer is the host of Over My Dead Body, a true story about a murder that takes place in Tallahassee. This bizarre story always leaves you wondering if the wife did it. That's because of how its told by Matt and produced by the team at Wondery.

Jack Rhysider

If you were thinking about starting a storytelling type podcast take a lesson from Jack Rhysider. Jack hosts Darknet Diaries where he researches true stories from the dark side of the Internet.

PBJ Spotlight: Dave Jones Explains Podcast 2.0

Adam Curry and Dave Jones are hoping Podcasting 2.0 revolutionizes the podcasting industry. If you've been following along by listening to their podcast, you might find it a tad on the technical side. We know we did. So we interviewed Dave on our PBJ Spotlight podcast so he could break it down for us. LISTEN

NPR’s Bryan Moffett

On Tuesday, NPR made the big announcement that Remote Audio Data, better known as RAD, is rolling out. RAD could be a game-changer for podcast measurement...that is, if everyone gets onboard.

Exclusive: Podsights Founder Speaks To PBJ

Podcast attribution helps marketers understand how well their advertising dollars are working in podcast campaigns. Podsights, an advertising attribution platform, recently closed $4 million in seed money. We spoke to Podsights founder Sean Creeley about podcast attribution in an exclusive interview.

Don’t Keep Your Day Job

You read that correctly. It says Don't Keep Your Day Job NOT Don't Quit Your Day Job. And that's the name of Cathy Heller's podcast. Heller's story is incredible.

PBJ Spotlight: Jeff Bradbury – TeacherCast Educational Network

In the summer of 2011, Jeff Bradbury decided he wanted to help teachers learn how to use technology in their classrooms, so he started a show of his own. That year, the TeacherCast Podcast was launched.

How Chris Jericho Became A Superstar Podcaster

When he was doing wrestling bits between matches, you could tell Chris Jericho was a great entertainer. After 28 years of performing inside the squared circle — and luckily, no major injuries — Jericho took his talent into the podcasting space.