Avoid Making These Two BIG Mistakes

(By Mark Asquith) Your audience tunes in for you. Big name guests rarely positively affect download numbers -- so why give them all of the limelight? Let's look at how you can approach things a little differently.

The Importance Of Having Google In Our Space

(By Mark Asquith) On Tuesday I attended the RAIN Podcast Business Summit in New York City.  The event was an interesting look at the big-media-led side of the industry and left me particularly interested in Google’s approach.

Tired of Your Podcast? Don’t Do Anything Drastic…

(By Mark Asquith) As a podcaster, you can get to feeling a little jaded with your podcast. I want to offer a word of caution, before you, if you’re in the that position, do anything too drastic.

Our Industry Is Small. It Pains Me To Say That, But It’s True.

(By Mark Asquith) It doesn’t matter from which angle you view it, whether it's through the lens of industry revenue or through the lens of the number of shows available - compared to other media podcasting is a baby.