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Measurement: Here’s Where We Are

(By Todd Cochrane) In 2005, I had the privilege of being part of the team that built the first podcast measurement platform. I quickly found myself buried in podcast statistics and trend measurement, which led to our very first podcast advertising deals.

What’s Wrong With Podcasting Lately?

(by Rob Walch) Sometimes it seems the only thing people like more than jumping on a bandwagon is trying to be the first to say something is wrong with that bandwagon.

The 5 Most Important Things When Starting A Podcast

(By Dave Jackson) You want to start a podcast? You’ve heard how every TV show, ex-radio DJ, and empty nester with something to say is starting a podcast.

Podcasting’s 15-Year Journey

(By Rob Greenlee) We’ve seen the headlines about the closures of podcasting divisions at prominent digital media companies like BuzzFeed, Audible, and Panoply, which have unleashed a new round of bubble-bursting reactionism.

How To Get More Listeners If You’re Not Joe Rogan

(By Brendan Monaghan) The two questions I hear most from podcasters are, in order: 1) How do I grow my audience? and, 2) How do I make more money?

Ways Podcasters Are Collaborating

(By Danielle Desir) Did you know that Pinterest can be a viable traffic driver to your podcast and foster new opportunities for collaboration with other podcasters?

Top Reasons To Podcast Live

(By Alex Exum) Like other users I played with the go-live option, but preferred to take the safe, traditional route and pre-record the show. It wasn’t until I did a live all-day marathon that I found the true power of doing a live broadcast.

Voices From The Podcasting Community

(By Dan Franks) When I was asked a few months ago to contribute to this new Podcast Business Journal concept, it excited me for a number of reasons.

My Show Isn’t Showing Up In Apple Podcasts. Why?

(by Elsie Escobar) One of the top questions hosting and distribution companies get is this: My latest episode is not showing up on iTunes, what’s wrong? Let me count the reasons...