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What I Learned At On Air Fest

(By Dave Jackson) The On Air Fest describes itself as “advancing the culture of audio. We bring together an expansive range of emerging and established voices to explore the creative possibilities of sound.”

The Anatomy of a Podcast Close

(By Traci DeForge) A good podcast close is like a hug that says see you soon. The close of your show should leave a lasting impression. It’s a way to make sure your listeners are going to tune in for the next episode.

Privacy vs Podcasting

(By Rob Walch) 
There is no opt-in for podcast listeners when it comes to tracking. Let me rephrase and emphasize that: THERE IS NO OPT-IN IN PODCASTING FOR TRACKING LISTENERS AND THEIR PERSONAL DATA.

The 5 Most Important Things When Starting A Podcast

(By Dave Jackson) You want to start a podcast? You’ve heard how every TV show, ex-radio DJ, and empty nester with something to say is starting a podcast.

The Biggest Problem Podcasters Have (And How To Fix It).

(Alex Exum) The idea of flipping on a microphone and becoming the next Joe Rogan or Adam Carolla is appealing, but very unrealistic. This is an uneven playing field and you are running up hill from the start.

3 Questions For Traci

(By Traci Long DeForge) This week Traci answers questions on finding your voice, keys to podcasting success, and producing a podcast but not hosting it.

3 Questions For Traci

You’ve got podcasting questions, and PBJ‘s Traci Long DeForge is here to answer them. Traci is the founder of Produce Your Podcast. In our latest installment of this special feature, Traci answers reader questions about release forms, growing your podcast and a few things about your launch.

Your Podcast Should Not Be Like Neapolitan Ice Cream

(By Dave Jackson) I got an email from someone who had been podcasting for two years. In the email (and I’m paraphrasing) it basically had these points...

Top Reasons To Podcast Live

(By Alex Exum) Like other users I played with the go-live option, but preferred to take the safe, traditional route and pre-record the show. It wasn’t until I did a live all-day marathon that I found the true power of doing a live broadcast.

Podcasting Is Hard? Wait A Second!

(Dave Jackson) I keep hearing people say “starting a podcast is hard.” While it might seem this is on target, it’s not. It’s missing one very important word: Good. Starting a GOOD podcast is hard. Let me tell you a little story...