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5 Ways To Get Your Podcast Discovered

(By Dave Jackson) So many people say there is a discovery problem with podcasting. There isn’t. There is a quality control problem with podcasting. ANYONE can create a podcast, and that is both a good and a bad thing.

5 Great Sites For Podcasters

(By Matty Staudt) One thing I love about the podcast industry is the comradery that is shared. I often give advice to folks who may be considered competition and I have received help from folks who may consider me the same.

8 Mistakes To Avoid When You Launch

(By Matty Staudt) Putting a podcast together is a lot of work. Once you have invested time and money into producing your show, you then have to think about how to launch it successfully.

Why Do Podcasters Use Episode Numbers?

(By Dave Jackson) If you started adding episode numbers, it might seem weird to stop using them (but in reality, I don’t think the sky would fall). Let's take a look.

The Biggest Problem Podcasters Have (And How To Fix It).

(Alex Exum) The idea of flipping on a microphone and becoming the next Joe Rogan or Adam Carolla is appealing, but very unrealistic. This is an uneven playing field and you are running up hill from the start.

How Monthly Stats Mislead

(By Dave Jackson) When I was speaking at DC Podfest, I had the audience repeat after me, “Monthly stats are crap.” While they are not crap, they can be misleading.