5 Things To Avoid When Launching A Podcast Company 

(By Matty Staudt) I have gotten to see, and give some guidance to, some folks who have entered the space unprepared. I present to you, five things to avoid when starting a podcast company.

5-Step Social Media Blueprint To Grow Your Audience

(By Traci Long DeForge) You’ve launched your podcast. You’ve put so much passion, energy, and resources into getting your message just right and your audio sounding great...yet...your audience has stagnated or is simply not meeting your expectations. Sound familiar?

The Podcasting Crystal Ball – Matty Staudt

Over the next several weeks PBJ will be grilling the experts. We'll be asking them to summarize 2019 and give us their insights on what to expect in 2020. We start our special feature off with Matty Staudt, former Director of Content at Stitcher, VP of Podcast Programming at iHeart and now President of Jam Street Media.

5 Great Sites For Podcasters

(By Matty Staudt) One thing I love about the podcast industry is the comradery that is shared. I often give advice to folks who may be considered competition and I have received help from folks who may consider me the same.

How To Tell If Your Podcast Is Growing?

(By Dave Jackson) You look at your stats and it seems your podcast is not growing. It may be worse and your numbers are going down. In the immortal words of Charlie Brown, “ARGH!” Here's how to get a handle on reality...

How To Find Guests And Write A Great Show Description

(By Traci Long DeForge) This week Traci answers questions on podcasts as a networking tool, writing a high-impact podcast description, and finding guests for your show.

8 Mistakes To Avoid When You Launch

(By Matty Staudt) Putting a podcast together is a lot of work. Once you have invested time and money into producing your show, you then have to think about how to launch it successfully.

3 Questions For Traci

(By Traci Long DeForge) This week Traci answers questions on finding your voice, keys to podcasting success, and producing a podcast but not hosting it.

3 Questions With Traci

You’ve got podcasting questions, and Traci Long DeForge is here to answer them. Traci is the founder of Produce Your Podcast and a member of the PBJ Editorial Board. Today Traci answers questions about guest forms, business podcasts and how often you should release your show.

Why Do Podcasters Use Episode Numbers?

(By Dave Jackson) If you started adding episode numbers, it might seem weird to stop using them (but in reality, I don’t think the sky would fall). Let's take a look.