3 Questions For Traci

(By Traci Long DeForge) This week Traci answers questions on finding your voice, keys to podcasting success, and producing a podcast but not hosting it.

3 Questions With Traci

You’ve got podcasting questions, and Traci Long DeForge is here to answer them. Traci is the founder of Produce Your Podcast and a member of the PBJ Editorial Board. Today Traci answers questions about guest forms, business podcasts and how often you should release your show.

Why Do Podcasters Use Episode Numbers?

(By Dave Jackson) If you started adding episode numbers, it might seem weird to stop using them (but in reality, I don’t think the sky would fall). Let's take a look.

3 Questions For Traci

Today, Traci answers questions about using Siri, creating podcast seasons, and controlling your ad count.

The “NetFlix Of Podcasting” Line Needs to Go Away

(By Dave Jackson) It seems that every podcasting startup wants to be "The Netflix of Podcasting." The only problem is, Netflix filled a direct need for its customers while companies like Luminary don't. If you trace the history of renting movies, you'll see what I mean.

Should I Edit My Own Podcast?

(By Dave Jackson) I know you might think, “I don’t know a thing about audio editing.” I’m here to say you’ve been editing all your life. Here are some benefits of editing your own podcast.

How To Gauge Your Success

Is it 100 downloads? Is it $1,000? Is it 10,000 Facebook likes? There are many ways to gauge the success of your show and Dave Jackson explains them all on his latest episode of The School of Podcasting. LISTEN HERE.

5 Easy Ways To Repurpose Your Podcast Content

(By Traci Long DeForge) People often ask me, “Why should I spend time repurposing my podcast content?” My answer is simple. You’re already working hard to produce and distribute content you’ve created so repurpose it to get the most out of your creative efforts.

Want To Make Money Podcasting? Get An Audience!

(By Dave Jackson) People ask if they should launch a crowdfunding campaign with their podcast, and while there are no "rules” in podcasting, I feel that's putting the cart before the horse.

3 Questions For Traci

(By Traci Long DeForge) You’ve got podcasting questions, and Traci Long DeForge is here to answer them. Will local only work? How to rebrand your show? How to get sponsors. Traci has the answers.