Friday, January 18, 2019

4 Facebook Communities You Must Join 

(By Danielle Desir) Online podcasting communities have made a big impact on my podcasting journey. Podcasting communities are my go-to when I have a question, crazy idea, need a shoulder to cry on, or when I’m celebrating a win like getting invited to the 2019 Facebook Communities Summit. 

When Do You Dump Patreon?

(By Dave Jackson) There are some podcasters who are making a lot of money on Patreon and, consequently, this is inspiring many people to start a podcast thinking they can make some fast cash. Nothing could be further from the truth.

How To Make Money Using Patreon

(By Dave Jackson) When Patreon first came out, I, like many other people, wasn’t sure if it would work for my audience.

Why I Broadcast Live On Holidays

(By Alex Exum) This Thanksgiving and Christmas, I decided to do my show live. *GASP* I know! Who does a show on Thanksgiving and Christmas? I'm a firm believer that audiences should not be abandoned during the holidays. Here’s why...

The Biggest Problem Podcasters Have (And How To Fix It).

(Alex Exum) The idea of flipping on a microphone and becoming the next Joe Rogan or Adam Carolla is appealing, but very unrealistic. This is an uneven playing field and you are running up hill from the start.

Blogging & Podcasting Are Very Similar

(By Danielle Desir) One of the things that I appreciate about podcasting is that it reminds me of blogging. And I am an avid blogger.

The Value Of Controlling Your Brand

(By Todd Cochrane) I'm going to share with you some opinions that are not only based on my own podcast but on my belief that your brand and intellectual property are as important as the words you speak on your show.

Can My Business Make Money Off A Podcast?

2018 has been the year of the podcast. Water cooler conversations have turned from “What’s the latest Netflix binge watch?” to “Which podcasts are you downloading?”

How Monthly Stats Mislead

(By Dave Jackson) When I was speaking at DC Podfest, I had the audience repeat after me, “Monthly stats are crap.” While they are not crap, they can be misleading.

How To Make Money Podcasting

(By Dave Jackson) Before we get into the actual strategies of monetization, let’s not forget the obvious fact that often gets overlooked: You monetize your audience. It’s not called fundcrowding, it’s called crowdfunding.