3 Questions For Traci

(By Traci Long DeForge) This week Traci answers questions about keeping interviews flowing, filling the gaps between shows, and the guest management process.

3 Questions For Traci

(By Traci Long DeForge) This week Traci answers questions about getting business through podcasting, repurposing content, and using your podcast to get started on a book.

How Facebook Live Can Help Your Confidence

(By Danielle Desir) As creatives, we often hear that going live on either Facebook or Instagram is the way to go. Here’s what I discovered after going live on Facebook consistently for the last five weeks.

The Importance Of Having Google In Our Space

(By Mark Asquith) On Tuesday I attended the RAIN Podcast Business Summit in New York City.  The event was an interesting look at the big-media-led side of the industry and left me particularly interested in Google’s approach.

3 Questions For Traci

You’ve got podcasting questions, and PBJ‘s Traci Long DeForge is here to answer them. Traci is the founder of Produce Your Podcast. In our latest installment of this special feature, Traci answers reader questions about release forms, growing your podcast and a few things about your launch.

What I Learned At On Air Fest

(By Dave Jackson) The On Air Fest describes itself as “advancing the culture of audio. We bring together an expansive range of emerging and established voices to explore the creative possibilities of sound.”

Tired of Your Podcast? Don’t Do Anything Drastic…

(By Mark Asquith) As a podcaster, you can get to feeling a little jaded with your podcast. I want to offer a word of caution, before you, if you’re in the that position, do anything too drastic.

The Benefits Of Attending A Podcast Event

(By Dave Jackson) Podcasting events are a great place for learning in sessions, networking with other podcasters, getting inspired, or finding new tools and strategies.

The Support of Podcasters – On The Rise?

(By John Dennis) One of the many elements of podcasting that I truly enjoy is the emerging technology that we all get to be on the front line for.

What’s My Beef With Anchor.fm?

(By Dave Jackson) The problem with being in podcasting since 2005 is you see a few not-so-good things. When Anchor.fm came on the scene I rolled my eyes, as I have seen this before.