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Canadaland Launches The White Saviors

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The White Saviors is an original series based on a 5-year investigation of the WE Organization. WE Charity was one of Canada’s biggest successes, ever – an international organization endorsed by celebrities including Oprah, Sir Richard Branson, Prince Harry, and the Muppets. In a matter of weeks, it all came crashing down.

WE claimed access to kids in 17,000 schools around the world, and had multimillion dollar partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, along with political connections to everyone from the Clintons and the Trudeaus to the Communist Party of China. Its founders, brothers Craig and Marc Kielburger, promoted themselves as “rock stars of social change.” They created a web of 32 different charitable and corporate entities, tax shelters, and shell companies.

The White Saviors features interviews with dozens of former WE employees, including top-level whistleblowers whose firsthand accounts have yet to be heard.


Mary K -

Well done. I’ve always had a feeling WE had a hidden agenda, clearly their intent was to make themselves rich on the backs of Canadian and African children and thry have done so. It also explains the photo of a cheery looking Craig Kielberger with his arm around an African child who is obviously not playing their game.

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