Can You Inspire Other Podcasters?


We’re taking our highly successful series “Why I’m Launching A Podcast” to the next level. And we’re giving you two BIG reasons to be part of our promotion. If you think your launch can inspire others to launch a successful podcast, here’s what you need to do:

– Send us a 3-to-5-minute audio file, incorporating two great clips (no more than 10 seconds each) from one of your shows into the audio you send us.
The audio must include:
– An explanation of why you launched and what inspired you to launch.
– An explanation of why you chose the two clips heard in the audio you send us.
– How you got your show off the ground, how long you’ve been podcasting, when you record, where you get your content, how you promote and market your show. The final piece of information on your audio should be one piece of advice for other podcasters.
* Any audio over 5 minutes will be automatically DQ’d.

Every week we’ll send out one of our newsletters with 8-10 candidates from this promotion, including your audio, your artwork, and a link to your show.

At the end of 8 weeks, our team will choose the two most inspiring launches. Those two winners will appear on a Facebook Live event with us to talk about how inspiring they are and what they can share with other podcasters so they can become successful.

The two winners will also receive two months of free advertising for their podcast on our website and in our newsletter.

Submit your entry today at



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