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Can You Feel it in the Air Tonight?

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Airwave Media announced the launch of Airwave, a new podcast network. Kristin and Ben Mathis of Kickass News who are the founder, owner, and Chief Content Officer of Airwave respectively are heading up the new network.

Ben released this statement:

 We plan to produce and distribute fun and fascinating podcasts that explore history, science, travel, food, the arts, health, education, true crime, audio-documentaries, and more—the kind of topics that we believe can make us better humans. We  and our like-minded listeners believe that learning and personal growth can be lifelong pursuits.

Airwave will launch four original programs in the coming months:

  • Food with Mark Bittman features the bestselling food writer in conversation with celebrities, cooks, chefs, farmers, activists, policymakers, and food-lovers in general. This 10 part series debuts May 24, 2021, with a new show to air every Monday.
  • I Know What Scares You will be a weekly podcast in which hosts Brian Dunning (Skeptoid), Natalia Reagan (StarTalk Radio), Kiki Sanford (This Week in Science), and magician/mentalist Jonathan Pritchard (America’s Got Talent) hear a listener’s account of a real-life paranormal experience, then take a scientific approach to explain the unexplainable. (June 2021)
  • Debunked by Snopes is a podcast from the editorial team at, who investigate and debunk the most talked-about rumors, conspiracy theories, and misinformation of the week. (June 2021)
  • Tales from the Jazz Age is an audio history podcast that will explore the wild stories of the gangsters, musicians, bootleggers, starlets, and con-men who made the Roaring 20s notorious. (July 2021)

Twenty existing shows will launch with the new network and a full listing of all programs available on their website.

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