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Call Her Daddy Host: Podcasting is Not That Easy

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In an interview with The BBC, Call Her Daddy host Alex Cooper wants everyone to know putting out a successful podcast is more than “me just sitting down for an hour and banging out an audio clip.”

Cooper was awarded handsomely by Spotify with a $60 million contract for her show.

Cooper tells The BBC when someone asks her about starting a podcast she tells them they not only need a business plan, they need a creative plan.

Of course all the drama with Barstool Sports and the fight with her former co-host didn’t hurt. The show was constantly getting publicity.

Cooper tells The BBC that when the podcast first began there were times it felt calculated and not authentic to have a specific segment about sex. “And when I’m not authentic is when I see the show isn’t doing as well. So I think throughout the pandemic, the relationship I focused most on was therapy and I think I’m so passionate about that right now.”

She says she’s now trying to show how with her personal life you can be a successful woman, you can find whatever your lane is and you can have a successful relationship and someone that is going to be supportive of your career.

Read The BBC article HERE

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