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Brown Tries To Clarify Why She Stopped Working

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Brene Brown, who signed a multi-year deal to go exclusive with Spotify in 2020, is now trying to clarify why she quit dropping new shows after receiving backlash from fans on social media. Not in a podcast, in a blog past, she attempted to “walk people through it.

Brown says she’s not in favor of censorship, or in favor of canceling Joe Rogan. She simply wanted to understand the Spotify policy better. She says she met with Spotify executives twice and wanted to hear more about their misinformation policy.

She writes, “Personally, I would never want to silence debate about vaccine safety and efficacy because the lack of critical discussion actually increases vaccine hesitancy. However, rigorous debate that benefits the public does not include the dissemination of misinformation.”

Now, she’s going to wait to see how that policy is implemented before she drops new shows.

Read her full post HERE.

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