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Brown Decides To Go Back To Work

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After she decided to stop producing podcasts because she has to sit at the same table as Joe Rogan (the Spotify table), Brene’ Brown, who signed a multi-year deal with Spotify because she says she didn’t like reading ads, now says she’s committed to her podcast.

In her latest blog posting Brown continued to criticize Rogan. “Rogan’s comments about the trans community are dehumanizing, and his take on race is often degrading.”

She went on to say that podcasters with platforms have a responsibility when it comes to vetting, preparing, and challenging guests. “It doesn’t appear to me that The Joe Rogan Experience takes any responsibility for the health information that it puts out in the world, and I do believe that leads to people getting sick and even dying. Given the reach of the JRE, the bar for critical questioning should be high.”

She goes on to lament how she has very few options. “If advertisers and listeners support The Joe Rogan Experience and Spotify needs him as the cornerstone of its podcasting ambitions—that’s OK. But sharing the table with Rogan puts me in a tremendous values conflict with very few options.”

When Brown returns to podcasting she says her first guest will be ACLU attorney Ben Wizner about free speech, misinformation, and Big Tech oligarchs.

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