Brains On Launches in Spanish


Newly-formed Mother Tongue has announced it is the exclusive Spanish-language production partner of American Public Media’s educational podcast program, Brains On. Distributed through reVolver’s podcast network, launching today is Brains On en Español.

The goal of Brains On en Espanol is to help address the gaps in US Latino children’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics education.

Brains On features Molly Bloom, co-creator and host of Brains On, and her hope is that with Brains On en Español, “Kids and families will be encouraged to explore their natural curiosity and wonder by hearing audience questions answered through a science-focused lens. With the launch of Brains On en Español, we’re excited for even more kids to nurture the skills they need to navigate our changing world as open-minded, critical thinkers.”


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